Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What The Rainy Weekend Made Me Do

Hey all! I'm sure that as of now, we're thanking for the sunny day this weekend and this morning. I swear, each time I see the sun shining like there's no tomorrow, I hardly complain. After Ondoy and Pepeng, I really dread rain and get all paranoid when the rain starts to pour or I get these Plurk or flash updates on a low pressure area or a typhoon coming this way.

Metro Manila, on Halloween weekend was faced with another typhoon, Ramil. I hardly had any sleep as I was awakened by howling winds and heavy rain. I was supposed to have a shoot that Saturday but the team decided to reschedule it since even if the rain stopped, the location would be too muddy. At around 3:00 a.m., transformers tripped so we lost power and it got restored at around 12:00 noon the next day. I'm glad that we didn't have any hitches this time, as some had 2 days of no power or water and also Internet didn't have any problems, thank God. :) Weather was calmer in the afternoon. But during the time that there was no electricity, I couldn't blog or check news online or even use my phone's GPRS to check on Facebook. So here's what kept me busy:

My accessories of course. I made a turquoise-colored statement choker. The band and pendant are both hand-crocheted and I sewed the beads. The beads are actually from an old crystal bracelet that broke, so that's giving an old piece of jewelry new life.These earrings I also made, but no beading done here. Just pure crochet thread. Whereas the former is a statement piece and could be worn with a plain open-neck top (or tube top to further showcase the piece), this one is dantier and could be worn everyday.

I did the photography and photo-editing in these pictures. I really feel I should be getting my first dSLR soon, as my friends have been egging me to do so so I could take better product shots. But since I'm such a techie noob, I figured I'll stick to photo and movie-editing first. Heeheehee. Since I've got free time in my hands, I'm doing more neckpieces and some of them have been shot, like this one:

Photo by: Michael Yu of Mantra Photography

Model: Glaiza de los Santos

Makeup and Styling: Bambi de la Cruz

I'll be having the newest additions shot as soon as I round them up, but at least there's stuff not to keep me bored. Who knows, these might end up in magazines as well too!

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