Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Summer Getaway @ Batangas

With the sun shining brightly, I know that it wouldn't be complete without dipping in the pool or baking myself to sunkissed rosiness by the beach. When Mike and Nix organized a beach trip-slash-photoshoot, I signed up immediately. :) These were two days of fun, and working too was fantastic.

The day started at 6 a.m. where I met up with Mike at the studio after which, we proceded to Petron at SLEX for breakfast where we met up with the rest of the people - EJ, Nix, Mac, Glaiza, Jona, and Nando. Since I needed an upper, I took out something from Starbucks then picked Glenn up at Jollibee Carmona. We arrived to the place shortly after.

The place was breathtaking... complete with all the amenities, a lovely pool, and a fantastic view of the beach to perk us all up.
Again, our shoot would not be complete without food.
After we stuffed ourselves, it was photoshoot time. The look was supposed to be very casual and simple. We did, however, note that makeup had to be water resistant and not go get washed out with the water.
model: Glaiza
makeup: Bambi de la Cruz
photo: Michael Yu
I gave Glaiza definition on the brows. I used neutral browns and roses on her eyes and gave it a bit of smokiness, something different from her usual sweet image. lip was kept nude. Her hair was really straight so I kept it as it is.

Model: Jona
Makeup: Nix Abaca
Hair: Bambi de la Cruz
Photo: Mike Yu
Nix used palettes of pinks on Jona with a candy-pink lip as a standout statement. In contrast to Glaiza's straight hair, Jona had big, sexy, and soft curls.

Of course, the boys were not left out too.
model: EJ
grooming: Bambi de la Cruz
photo: Mike Yu
model: Mac
grooming: Nix Abaca
photo: Mike Yu
Of course, Doc Glenn being there took this fantastic sun-worshipping shot:

Me and my sun-worshipping buddy EJ. At this point, I let my hair down in its natural loose curl state with the saltwater holding the shape for me. I'm loving too the leopard print bling bikini (Bikini by Vanita)

My arsenals to prevent skin damage while basking under the sun:

Im definitely a user of this since it doesn't have this chemical smell and doesn't leave a white residue. The spray also cools me down if I've been baking too long.

And here's a video I made documenting the whole thing:

We definitely had a lot of fun. Till the next outing/shoot! :)

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what is the name of the resort you stayed in?