Monday, March 1, 2010

Rent Much?

Last Sunday was the last two shows of Rent. I was there to do makeup as well as watch the play among the audience during the matinee show (I usually watch the show from the wings) in-between touch-ups. I did makeup for a total of 5 days during the run.

I just noticed how Rent's theme is somehow connected to MAC Viva Glam, ergo MAC would be just the perfect makeup sponsor. How very, very apt. :)

Here's a compilation of some of the video clips I took while I was there. As soon as I got home, I opened my pc, unloaded my memory card, uploaded pictures, and did some video editing. Yes, that's in sepia tone. My peg actually was the video during the movie, hence the old effect but since Windows Movie Maker could only do so much, I just did what I could. The choice of music made it actually very senti, and I edited the film before I went to bed so the experience is still fresh. Nostalgia much?

Of course, vignettes from my little scrapbook of pictures. Most of it were taken during the last day.
This is Jenny, who was the first cast member I did makeup on during my first day at Rent. She plays Joanne. Since Joanne is a lawyer, I had to think corporate, corporate, and corporate. Strong eyes and strong lips and contours. I used MAC Chelsea for her lips and browns for her eyes. During the later runs of the show, we began experimenting with Russian Red.
That's Angel doing makeup on AJ, who plays the role of Angel. :) Two Angels.
I did makeup for Fred the last day. Fred plays Mark Cohen, one of the main characters. Since Fred appears in almost all of the scenes, he had to look very fresh all the time with minimal retouching.
Clowning around with Noel, who plays the role of Benny. The picture supposedly is for my portfolio purposes documenting my work. :P Anyway, it shows also though how much fun we also have backstage goofing and being dorks too. Noel and I know each other for a long time already since we're neighbors but we only got to work together in this show.
The fabulous, fabulous and gorgeous makeup artists with Arman, the stage manager. :) Black outfits = gorgeousnesses. That's me, Arman, Angel, and Carmen.

I'm surely gonna miss working for this show. It was a success though. Congrats to the cast! I will miss doing very natural and very modern makeup looks - contours, glitters, cat's eyes and guyliners.

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