Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mantra's Shoot Staple

I realized I've been talking a lot about my shoots in Mantra but never really stated much about it. Actually, Mantra is Mike's photography group, hence his studio at his house in Bel Air is called Mantra studio. Most of my work is done here and through my work here, I've been both proud and happy to not only have fun while working (due to its relaxed environment) but also I get to know more people.

When I entered Mike's house for the first time, I've noticed how models have been feeling much at home there for the first time and also, the abundance of food. Apparently, Mike has a rule that his co-workers should not get hungry, thirsty, or faint due to crash diet and starvation. I carried on that rule myself (i.e. "You don't eat, I don't do makeup.")
Another thing I've noticed too with the studio is the abundance of Coca Cola cans and litre bottles in his ref... another staple in the house. He orders cases of it, too. :) I guess it's been a classic refresher for all of us, whether it be the red regular kind, the diet kind, the caffeine-free kind, and even the flavored ones (who remembers the sweet taste of Vanilla Coke or Cherry Coke?), whatever situation may be. I remember ordering a can of Vanilla Coke before my Departmental Exam in Clinical Parasitology and chugging it down at the org office while I burry myself on the slides and reviewers. It has been with me with both my work as a scientist and an artist.

Mantra Photography staples: Hakaw and a can of coke per crew.

Okay, as I was checking some of my Mantra behind-the-scenes, look what I found omnipresent in the shots.

Look at what Apy's holding. :)

lunchtime break :)

And even videos show our red can staple :)

I'll be there at the studio again tomorrow for more work. Yep, with this weather, we definitely need something to cool us down. :)

Right now, it's back to work again for me.

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