Thursday, March 4, 2010

Everything's Up and Cheery: The Body Shop Launches Its Spring Collection

The season of spring has been likened to everything coming alive. Just a few weeks ago, my parakeet's eggs hatched and we now have a total of eight pet birds. It's so cute to see little birds with colorful feathers with their mommy and daddy whenever I feed them. Before they used to be these featherless skinny little creatures. Now they look so cute and colorful. With this season, makeup brands also change their palettes and from the colder months' warm, spicy, and rich colors, we now have spring brights and colors spelling LIFE!

Last week, I was invited to attend the blogger's launch of The Body Shop's Spring Collection. I had a client beforehand and right after my client, on Friday traffic I went from The Fort to Glorietta dragging Nix along since I would be meeting with her as well. Over colorful cupcakes, bloggers were invited to try the products and create their versions of spring looks.

For a sneak peek, I'll let you in on three of my favorites:

This is one of The Body Shop's bestselling products: The Lip & Cheek Stain. This time, it takes a corally hue instead of the traditional berry color.

The swatch shows a bit of shimmer and the warm corally color makes it suit our skin better now that the heat makes it darker. You can use this alone or layer this with blush of your choice. However, since this blush is liquid, please use this after moisturizer and before powder makeup so it blends to the skin. Applying this for personal use is easy. Just dab a bit on your finger or cheek and blend well. For professional use, place the sponge tip applicator on a clean palette and use a flat cheek brush or your fingers to apply.

When I saw this white jar on my goody bag, I didn't know what it was until I opened it. It was actually a powder blush. This blush, called Kiss Of Color Cheek Blush comes with a sponge applicator that "stamps" the product on the apples of the cheeks after which, it could be blended with the fingers or a brush for a natural flush. This shade I have is Vibrant Rose, which is a pretty candy pink. This product also comes with a mirror so you could take this with you when you want a burst of pink on the cheeks.
On the sponge it looks like a really bright eye-popping pink, but it's a cute flush of pink actually when you blend it in. I've used this during the creation of my bridal portfolio and it really looks good on a bride. For professional use, a brush could be used on the product and sweep on the cheeks.

The eyes are not left out. The Shimmer Cubes are packed with twinkling colors in fresh shades of Sea Shell (a neutral shade), Hushed Orchid (a lilac shade), Emerald Sea, and Sparkling Sky.

Since the colors are shimmery, I suggest using a base or cream eyeshadow first and a stiff, dense brush to layer the eyeshadows for vibrant pops of color. Sea Shell is a very warm and neutral peach color I could use on the lids (balance the browbone with a matte color). The shimmer and shine opens the eye and brightens the expression of the face. This could also be used to highlight the tear ducts or the temples. Mix and match these colors for a fresh, youthful, and modern spring look. Since I'm creating mostly bridal and fresh looks now, the color I use is mostly Sea Shell. I'm thinking of combining Emerald Sea and Sparkling Sky with some of my blues since I'll be attending a wedding this weekend and it would compliment my dress and my tan.

After the event, Nix and I hung out for cheap dinner at McDonalds before heading home, since I had 2 jobs the following day, but not after talking and bugging Mike over the phone. Oh, these products are already in the market so do catch them now.

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