Saturday, April 3, 2010

Video Tutorial: Day-To-Night Makeup

Hey all! With work downtime now as everyone's on holiday, I thought, since I haven't been doing this for quite a while - why not a video tutorial? So I took a break from playing Plants Versus Zombies (my game addiction) and made a tutorial.

So I thought, while staring at my makeup case, I want to do not one look but two, but put it in one video. So here goes... I did a simple day-to-night look for girls who would want to create a simple look that they could use during the day then how to upgrade it to party or date makeup when the clock strikes 6.

As I was making this video, the sun was about to set so I had to make a few light adjustments using the editing software. It's pretty primitive but you get the idea.

The night look need not be red lips. I just wanted to use my trademark lip here and the red here goes well with plum. Why plum? I wanted something different, since I've been using safe colors lately. Also, plum or purple makes green eyes pop, a trick I learned from a model I did makeup on. It really works. However, if we're all brown-eyed, the plum could be a refreshing change from the usual flat black-brown smokey eye.

I did break the rules here again, but I still made it wearable. In the video my baby hair is all over the place. I was just at home the whole day so my hair was perpetually in its messy ponytail without any hair products to hold my hair flat. I'm in a relaxed, lazy, lazy mood.

For blush, I opted to use MSF (used here: MSF in Blonde). I didn't want much of a colored cheek since the eyes and lips are already strong. I just looked for a kiss of color and glow on the face so it doesn't look too pale. I haven't been wearing blush much since my skin color slightly changed due to my recent beach trip. Bronzer would look out-of-place here, so I just used a slight tint with glow, hence I grabbed the MSF from my kit.

I did skip on liquid foundation too and opted for powder instead, since I'm using this for demo purposes anyway. Liquid set with powder would produce a different effect, probably something that would last longer.

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