Sunday, March 7, 2010

Summery Blue Look

When I got 3 days to prep up for a wedding I had to attend, I had to soak myself in self-tanner enhance my color for 3 days and hunt for a dress that's #1 cheap and #2 would look good and #3, would last me long. I saw this dress last Wednesday that I fell in love with. It was a long, blue empire cut dress that spelled BUY ME. It was either that or a body-hugging leopard print bareback dress, but I wanted to eat, so it was the obvious choice that I got.

Glad I soaked myself on self-tanner because the turquoise summery color looked good on sunkissed skin :) No time to tan friends!

On the rare times that I could be a girl, this was how I looked like yesterdayI'm a girl! I'm a girl! I'm a girl!!!!!!

The dress was absolutely long, and I had to wear heels to prevent myself from tripping. Height here became my advantage and the dress looked long to enhance how tall I was rather than drown me in fabric. Tip: empire cut dresses are fabulous. I could eat what I want and still hide it and still look good.

I've been always crazy with Diamond Hotel's desserts. :P, It's what I enjoy the most hahahahaha. The yogurt mousse was heavy, but it was really good.

I chose to curl my hair since the dress was very flowy, very laid back, and very bohemian. I used a 1" curling iron to curl my hair and lots of hairspray. My hair's naturally wavy so it doesn't fall flat easily and a lot of mousse and volumizer helped too. I kept accessories simple since I wanted to focus on the dress and the make-up, which is by the way, smoky blue eyes with a bit of sparkle and pastel pink lips. Makeup was done show-style since I wanted it to last, and boy it did. :DOn face:
Shu Uemura UV Underbase #01
Foundation: MAC Studio Sculpt NC25+ MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Liquid Foundation in NC42
Concealer: Undereyes: MAC Studio Sculpt NW20. For skin: MAC Studiofinish NC30
Powder: MAC Studiofix NC35
Contour: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Dark to shade and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Light to highlight
Blush: MAC Blush in Stark Naked
Highlight: MAC Minealize Skinfinish in Redhead

On lips:
MAC lipstick in Saint Germain

On eyes:
MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork
MAC Ricepaper to highlight brows
MAC Mood Ring and The Right Smoke on lids
MAC Waft and Cloudburst on crease
Liner: MAC Peacocked and Feline to tightline
Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara topped with falsies
Barbie <3 Stila Smudge Pot in Little Black Dress to line my top lashline

yes, on some times, I could be a girlalee girl too. :)

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