Monday, March 29, 2010

My Solution For Moisturized Skin Without The Icky Goo Feeling

Welcome to the peak of summer. It's hot. We either love it or we hate it. We could love it at the beach or poolside wherethe sun can transform our pale complexion into sunkissed glow while effortlessly lying down on our backside or on our stomachs. We could hate it because it leaves us with makeup meltdown or a face that could deflect a thousand people with its oiliness. A common misconception we all have is actually to skip moisturizer during the hot months. We all go, "My skin is producing oil anyway, and in fact, it's practically haywire!" So hence, moisturizer is skipped. Actually, the more we need moisturizer because the sun can dry out our skin, ageing it and making it look more haggard than it should.

Actually, the real thing is to never skip on moisturizer, whatever season. Just like we switch to lighter clothing, flip-flops, and wide-brimmed hats, we should also find moisturizer that we could use during the summer months to keep our skin at tip-top condition. Moisturizer should be lightweight, non-greasy, and of course, not skimp out on the moisturizing benefits on the skin. Personally, I like it to smell nice and also to have a tad on anti-ageing benefits.

Currently, I'm using Olay Regenerist day cream, which contains all the anti-ageing benefits I need without leaving my skin red and raw. I still use my micro-sculpting cream as my night cream, and since at night I'm in a relatively controlled environment, I do not experience any regreasing much. For this hot weather, somehow, I still need something lighter. I love my day cream, but for weather going crazy and humid yet desert-like, my skin somehow would want something lighter, reminding me of my need to still replenish its lost moisture. Plus, my day cream's running out. Perfect timing.

In keeping my loyalty to this brand (which has really babied and pampered my skin as I've been using it for more than a year now), I was introduced to something that seemed to answer my prayers.

Olay Total Effects with Cooling Essence promises to give the skin a dewy glow all day while fighting signs of ageing. It's also proven to be less greasy than other moisturizers. Hmmmm.... anti-ageing, aesthetics, non-greasy, and hey... cooling? Seems to be the answer to my prayers yes? At Php 699, this is a good steal. :) Before I subjected myself or my test subjects to this product, I needed to do a patch test on myself. This time, I rubbed a significant amount on my forearm to see if I had any adverse reaction. Turns out I didn't. Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes! I could use it.

It comes in a very slim bottle, which looks quite elegant too. All I need is a pea-sized amount to be able to spread this evenly on my face and massage it. I like that it feels cool on my skin, giving my skin a boost of fresh energy. The cooling effect is actually due to the mint extract in the product, giving the skin a quick, cooling burst. It's quite energizing too. And just when you think this is for girls...

EJ seems to like it too. I used this as his moisturizer during our recent photoshoot. His comment was that it feels cool on the skin. By the way, in this shoot, I'm not wearing makeup but just the Total Effects cream.

The weather at this time was extremely hot, yet I'm glad that I didn't grease out as much. My face felt really moisturized after and I was less shiny and I didn't look that I had a head-on colision with a big and greasy lechon. I like too that the smell was really light and I didn't feel like my pores were getting too stuffed up and screaming "SAVE MEEE!". I have soft and supple skin without any greasy afterfeel.

Looks like whatever season, there's still no excuse for proper skin care. All we need are just the right products.

Olay Total Effects With Cooling Essence is available at local department stores and drugstores. SRP is Php699 for a 50 g bottle.

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