Monday, March 22, 2010

My Big Speedy-like Brown Bag

At the mall last Friday, couldn't resist this beauty so off the shelf and into my shopping bag it goes:

And my Big Head giraffe seems to agree with me too. I got this at Cole Vintage at The Ramp for about Php 799.00 (imagine that) and it puts a check mark on all my bag requirements: big, sturdy, fashionable, and well, animal print. If I may be correct, it looks like faux reptilian skin (crocodile) although I'm not quite sure. :) I used this yesterday and it was able to fit my vanity pouch, wallet, phones, big body splash atomizer, keys, and even had enough space for a pair of flip-flops or an extra top. It is quite heavy, of course, with all the stuff I bring. It's so hard to find a decent-looking bag that I could tote with me to events, meetings, and stuff.
Yes I adore the Class Reptilia, don't you think?

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