Friday, December 3, 2010

My Idea of a [Stuffed] Christmas Stocking

Dear Santa, If you're reading this post, this is what I wish and want for Christmas. I figured I have to be practical now since I have all the whims I want but each time I walk, I'm super prone to aches and pains. My back pain has tremendously increased and I need major support with my body and better footwear.

Lemming Number One: Fit Flops

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Makeup artist friends of mine swore by the fact that it helped them with their work and lessened their back pain, since that's probably our number one complaint with our work. At first, I was hesitant when saw the price of a pair, thinking why would anyone spend more than Php 3,000 for a pair of flip flops until I tried it on. Surprisingly, the pair was comfortable, despite the fact that it was a chunky pair. I like how it cushions my walk and they were comfortable even after a few minutes of wearing it. It's got more support than my generation's Birks, which were flatter and sometimes would cause me pain on the ankle area when I'm standing (same problem I have with flats). Aia told me that after a long walk, she could feel her calves burning after so I'm glad that there's a tad of workout I get even when I forget to squeeze in a workout session.

Lemming Number Two: Rubber Shoes
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I'm not a runner and I'm not athletic, so I didn't see the need for running shoes after I no longer had PE classes. However, I see what people now mean when I'm at places where I'll be doing lots of walking. Obviously regular tsinelas can't do and my heels would need an extra support that only rubber shoes could have. I'm not after sprint and lightweight functions and zero buoyancy though, I just need a decent pair that's easy to maintain and would last me long too.


I know this won't fit my stocking, Santa, but with the clothes I have, I need a decent wardrobe to stuff them in instead of keeping them in acrylic keepall boxes, especially the dresses that need to be hung. My outfit choices may be simple with a sea of blacks and grays but I need them to be still in pristine condition right?


Okay Santa, I promise the last would fit the Christmas stockings. I guess I can't get enough of these. I plan to be good though, and wish for ones that would last me a long time. I don't need a Birkin, Santa (although that wouldn't hurt). Nice ones in classic colors that I could take from meetings to work to events to weekends and weekdays out or coffee with the guys. I promise to educate myself in bag care so these bags could be passed on to my (future) daughter if she stays good and follows my artist footsteps. okay I kid on that.

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