Thursday, November 25, 2010

Naughty Little Vices Swatches

I passed by MAC last Monday to purchase Fix+ as my bottle is about to run out and I need a decent amount come the wedding. Spotted five little bottles among the collection sets definitely catching my attention. This year's Holiday collection, A Tartan Tale, features also a nail lacquer set with five cute mini-bottles in curt proper colors.

I like that the set comes in a reusable tin so it serves its purpose later on to hold cotton buds/cotton pads/cotton balls/sponges in the vanity rather than a carton box which looks too pretty to throw away but ends up collecting dust later. The mini-bottles are about half of the regular nail lacquer, and IMHO, I find this size best for those who are fickle with their nail color. Although MAC nail lacquers are quite famous for not drying up too quickly. I love my underlacquer basecoat and although it's less than half the bottle already, the quality's just the same as the day I bought it (on sale).

Swatches from thumb to pinky finger: Asiatique, Beyond Jealous, Vice Is Nice, Nocturnelle, Vintage Vamp

Among the five, Asiatique catches my eye for being the classic bold bright cherry red that transcends time and beauty icons. Beyond Jealous is a deep pine green that needs two coats to get the full effect. A conservative girl with nail color would give away the four others and keep Vice is Nice to herself for a sheer gold frost to go with a white party dress. Nocturnelle, I already have in full size and I think the simple black shade looks better on a Halloween Party or on the MAC counter when I'm guesting. Vintage Vamp is another red, but in a deep blood color. Think of it this way, if Asiatique is Russian Red, then Vintage Vamp would be the Diva counterpart. The color is deeper. The shade could enhance alabaster complexions so you could use this if you want to bring out your inner vamp. All you need are pincurls and fingerwaves.

I'm not much of a nail polish girl, but I think this set absolutely makes a cute stocking stuffer. Wear one today and another one tomorrow, it's up to you. Like I said earlier, my experience with MAC nail lacquers are quite good, liking the fact that it's easy to apply and it dries fast once applied. My only problem though is that when used alone, it's prone to chipping. I guess that's what topcoats are for though.

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