Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Blued Holidays

When something starts small but it's bound to be good, it will go big and go places, don't you think? A hobbyist photographer posting pictures becomes the next big thing in fashion photography or a preschool camp from a little bungalow house morphs into an integrated school system. In this case, a college thesis becomes a clothing line popular among college students for as long as 19 years.

Blued has been around with its classic and cool comfortable clothing reminiscent of college days where we live on sneakers, jeans, and backpacks 80% of the time. Clothing for college students made by college students, right? Most of my college days were spent losing more weight, carrying thick books which I never bothered to read, and detoxing at Robinson's Place with my girls having coffee while the books I'm supposed to read are stuffed either in the locker I rented or the org tambayan vowing to myself that I'd be hitting the hardbounds the moment I step in the house. Anyway, for much of the toxic lifestyle a then science major had, there practically wasn't much time to doll up, especially come exams time, so comfort is always the key, right? I'm sure college girls there would agree.
Classic white shirt and jeans, which are usual uniforms of immersion programs or community activities are here and they didn't have to be boring. Of course we don't have to be college students just to wear Blued. The classic cuts and comfortable stretch fabric are good for people who work on-the-go or would just like a casual weekend without sacrificing fashion. Although it's our day off we still hafta look good, right?

The spotlight outfit for me during their fashion show last Tuesday was a conservative version of my shorts-and-tshirt uniform. Loving the shapelessness plus the way it's cropped to hide a full food tripping meal. And shorts cut at that length are shorts I love.

Depending on your personal style, lifestyle, or okay fine, school dress code there are various outfits to choose from in prices that are college-student friendly. And who says that a Blued shirt is just for casual occasions? Check what I wore in last year's fabulous Viva Glam event? Black top with white sash by BLUED. :)

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