Saturday, December 25, 2010

Of Pink Tutus, Sad Fairy Tales, and Going Drag

Christine and I had another shoot together. At first, I was informed that it's going to be a sexy Calvin Klein inspired shoot. Just the same, I had my palettes together and basic makeup kit in case we decide to go colorful in a snap. At first, Christine and Aisa were thinking of renting a hotel first, since it was CK sexy. However, by the turn of events, the male model got sick the morning of the shoot so we had to improvise. As soon as I grabbed my phone and checked it for messages (I asked Christine to text me directions to her house), she said that we're going to turn the girl model into a guy in the next layout. So we do drag today. Horray!

Without traffic, Christine is about 3 backflips from my cat cave. I was the first to arrive at the scene, which is perfect since I get to set up my gear and my gun.
Christine said that the model would be portraying a soldier and a ballerina. I was like, "This reminds me of a fairytale, with the tin soldier, the ballerina, and the creepy Jack In The Box." She affirmed that the fairy tale was The Steadfast Tin Soldier, a bittersweet sad love story.
Aisa and Mitch arrived lugging their trolleys of props - accessories, shoes, and gowns and all. I really love these two girls. Aisa's got ideas that spring from the creative world I have yet to conquer and Mitch is such a dear in helping us and being so supportive of Aisa.

The two assemble the clothes and accessories.
Our lovely model Kate is a chameleon and she's so game to portray a guy as well.

First up, I told Kate I'll do the girlie look first and I'll transform her to a girl. Set the hair in curls and here's me airbrushing her. Grabbed this photo from Aisa.

Kate looks like a doll. She's too cute! I'd want to put her inside a glass case like a porcelein doll.

Mitch with the reflector and Aisa doing last-minute touches.

Aisa doing BTS as Christine shoots away.

Sherrif Woody tone: Reeaaaaccchhh for the sky....errr... toes.

Kate as a guy. Omigod... she's so gwapo. She's got a hawt Johnny Depp vibe. Johnny Depp dressed like the Nutcracker prince.

Can't believe that layouts ago, Kate had candy pink lips, curls, and wore a pretty pink dress.

We were laughing during the guy layouts. It was funny too since she looked like the guy model we originally had. I love the transformation too. Imagine what a few little strokes could do too.

After the shoot, Christine and I got hungry and since she craved for a good hot plate of sisig and garlic rice, she drove over to Laiya in BF for an early dinner. I craved for green mango and bagoong and had a serving. Yummmm!!!!! My day ended early and since I was pooped I just fell right asleep after cleaning my brushes. good thing that tomorrow was rest day for a full weekend. :)

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