Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Super Steal Gift Ideas 500 and Below

Has anyone done her shopping yet? Or are you like me that has the nasty habit of cram-shopping? While being guilty of that crime, I've scoured several options for friends and family for gift options to consider. What's more is that some of them are readily available online ergo no need to spend time squeezing through crowded malls. All of these stuffs cost 500 or less too.

There's a gift for everyone and I'll let you know why:

The gift for the one who's always stressed:

I really suggest Echostore's Spa in a Bottle (Php130) and/or Spa in a Can (Php 195) after I got introduced to it. It's a teensy bottle or can that definitely perks you up when you need to or calms you down when you're too stressed. It definitely unclogs the nasal passages with the scent of peppermint, citrus, and lavander. The Spa In A Can's perfect in the purse and for travel. I have two Spa in a Bottles - one at home and one in the car to clear my senses during the horrid holiday traffic.

For those who are addicted to anything that smells yummy:

At Php 100 pesos each, Milk and Mixture's hand sanitizers and EDTs in yummy scents that remind us of our favorite desserts and drinks. Vanilla Lollipop smells like ice cream and Warm Vanilla Hand Sanitizers is a perfect dupe of my expensive vanilla hand sanitizer. Melon Candy is a very fresh scent if you're in for the fruity vibe and Apple Pie Torte gives us a warm whiff of cinnamon and apples for a Christmas-y smell. Another shoutout to the Tiramisu drizzle or hand sanitizer which smells like our favorite Italian dessert. You could also check out the other products like sushi soaps, lotions, and massage oils in sexy scents of Vanilla Crumble, Chocolate Fudge, and Gingerbread Cookie. The products are very affordable you could give one to all of your friends and clients depending on their taste or favorite food.

For those who would want super smooth skin:

These cubes look like gum drops in our favorite candy stores but they're actually sugar scrubs from Barenaturals, an online store first known for selling all-natural . they're actually glycerin soap cube bars coated in sugar in jars that feel cushy on the skin. The soap is non-drying so it's great to use now when cooler temperatures and recycled airconditioned air gets our skin dry. Aside from this variety shown above ( Rooibos Tea With Apple and Tomato, which smells really fruity), they also have sugar scrub with pineapple extract, lavander, coffee cubano scrub, and muscovado sugar cube scrub). Again, this could be ordered online as well.

For those who want lush, lovely hair and more:

Argan oil smells nutty instead of heavy and glides on like syrup on the hair instead of greasy. It could be massaged on the hair at night for shiny, thick, and smooth hair. Aside from getting lush and goddess-like hair, Argan Oil could be used to soothe dry cuticles or soothe the skin after being baked under the sun. A 10-mL bottle costs Php 198, and a little definitely goes a long way. Again, this is available at the Barenaturals site.

For the techie or non-techie annoyed at the knots and ties in the bag:

I purchased Clutterzap earbones from Sophie to give as a little gift and then when I bought a pair for myself, I was like, why didn't I think of getting earbones sooner? I swear, it's saved me time from having to solve the jigsaw puzzle of kalat I have in my bag caused by my earphone wires being tangled to a maze that takes minutes to solve (and embarrassing moments too revealing my kalat self). Isn't it great that my earphone wires are neatly tucked in a neat spool in my bag just like this:
I'm telling you, I'm as low-tech as an upgraded Captain Caveman but I love my earbones. They cost Php180.00 and there are several color options to choose from.

With super steals like these that hardly require us to take a trip to the mall, we've got a stress-free Christmas shopping for our loved ones that's pocket-friendly. Enjoy the last stretch towards Christmas and have a stress-free Happy Holidays!

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