Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hair Care that Cares

As The Body Shop cares for our skin and body with its yummy bath and body lines, home care, skin care, and makeup, the care also extends to our crowning glory that is our tresses. The Rainforest Hair Care comes shampoos and conditioners that care for our hair without any sticky residue while caring for the environiment by not including chemicals that could be harsh to our ecosystem.

Call it Christmas that came early for me or a happy grocery shopping trip, but here are some of what Rainforest Care has for each and everyone of us, depending on our hair condition. Why I chose the sun as the shape to arrange the products? Uhhhmm... nothing I just feel like it.
Oily hair could be yucky and greasy. Although the obvious would be to nix out conditioner or load up on sudsers to decrease the oil, what we really need is shampoo and conditioner (yes, we still need a bit of moisturizer here) that's made for oily hair. Rainforest Balance Shampoo cleans our locks without stripping it of much-needed moisture while Rainforest Balance Conditioner lightly conditions the hair without weighing it down. Instead of harmful colourants and fragrances, natural ingredients like pracaxi oil, Community Trade aloe vera, white nettle, and seaweed are used.

On the other end of the hair woe spectrum, and most of our problems is dry hair. Since we all love to process our hair to blowouts and hair straightening and curling. Just as too much of cooking the hair leaves our hair dry as the Sahara Desert, hair needs extra moisturizing power that would bring it back to its lush state.

Rainforest Moisture is manna for the hair. This is the one I'm currently using and I love the blueberry scent. It's not itchy on the hair and I like how it makes my hair soft and silky. Here's one thing I like about it too. It doesn't interfere much with my hairstyling since even if I shampoo, my hair still holds its shape. It doesn't weigh my hair down so I still have a bit of volume in me.

The tub there is hair butter. Hair butter is like intense conditioner for the hair, the conditioner which you leave on your hair before you rinse it out with warm water. My hair loves this product. A little dollop does the trick and I really don't like to pile on too much of this on the hair because that weighs the hair down. It smells like blueberries too! The pracaxi oil, manketti nut oil and Community Trade honey and sugar are the ingredients behind this product. If you don't want too much, you could dilute the shampoo and conditioner in water as well.
Rainforest Shine (included in the photo) are for the lucky girls and boys who just need a tad of tune up on their already excellent hair condition with an oomph of shine. Keep the luck flowing with this fruity-smelling baby that contains pracaxi oil, caméline seed oil and Community Trade olive oil, sugar, and aloe vera. The thought of having olive oil as an ingredient is just love, since it reminds me of those ancient days when olive oil's so precious to the skin and hair.

If you're the type who loves to experiment with style, trends, and color, I guess you already know that care for coloured hair is much more specialized. To begin with, coloured hair is already processed with chemicals. We need shampoos and conditioners that give the hair its much needed dose of TLC without stripping or interfering with the color. A good coloring job doesn't come in cheap, right?

To preserve a coloring job well done, The Body Shop's Rainforest Radiance cleanses to remove the color residue which causes the hair to look dull and dry in due time after a color job and keeps the color looking vibrant. There's also UV filter to block UV rays, which could fade color. We all know the job of shampoo and conditioner but there's also a third spray bottle of Detangling Spray for combing and brushing ease.

The price range of The Body Shop Rainforest Hair Care products are of course a tad more expensive than those bought over the grocery due to the materials sourced of course. It's not the type that you'd use to clean brushes though and I prefer that it stick to its job of cleaning my hair. A special gift to someone who's OC and concious with hair care, you could give the full-size bottles already, especially if she's a fan of the line already. If you have a friend who would want to try it out, then starter kits in fun sizes plus a detangler comb are also available.
[disclaimer: product provided for review]

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