Friday, December 24, 2010

Footwear Got One Lemming Down

Every year, it's been a tradition for me to buy Havaianas during the time it goes on sale. Since makeup artists have introduced me to FitFlops as their must-have back-saving shoe, I kinda broke the tradition and decided to increase my flipflop budget a bit and try to buy FitFlops this year (don't worry my lovely Havs, I still love you and in fact, I'm eyeing on a pair to buy, when budget allows). Since I find spending 3k++ on a pair of slippers quite obsurd, I've been postponing buying a pair and wish for Santa to stuff a pair on my Christmas stocking (size 8 please).

Last Sunday, I accompanied Sam to a wedding gig in Tagaytay and I've noticed her sporting her favorite black FitFlops. While on the topic on footwear, she told me how much she loves it and encouraged me to get one, especially since I have a very sensitive back problem and I tend to get back pains a lot. Sam drives in FitFlops, carries her gear (aluminum director's chair included) and runs from one location to another and during the course of our work, she hasn't complained of back pain.

And the following day, without much ado, on my shopping trip to the mall, I got myself a pair of FitFlops.

Call in a Christmas gift to self, that's why I plunked what I'd spend on two Studiofix compacts on a pair of flipflops. As I took the picture, the flops are almost 3 days old already, since the moment I purchased them, I already put them to use. It's best I use this on the concrete jungle or on gigs though and I save the regular flops I have on the beach.

Anyway, probably all the stores selling FitFlop must have gotten really confused with me since it took me quite a while before deciding which one to buy. After all, I only have budget for just one pair, so I needed a pair that could fit a lot of outfits that I wear. White soles were out of the question ince they tend to gray out in the long run. I didn't want black as I have one too many black footwear already, with my steel-toe Nikes being black as well. So I settled for a warm copper, which doesn't get quite dirty at the same time, the shiny upper makes it cute to wear in weddings or a pretty maxi dress. I was contemplating on getting the blingy blingy gold pair though, but I thought I would be having a hard time with cleaning the sequined top and of course, it had a white sole.

I'm looking at the FitFlop leaflets now and the reason why my walks have been cushioned and my back pains have lessened is due to the patent Microwobbleboard technology, which cushions the feet the right way providing the right support where you need it to optimize your walk and posture. The highest density would be on the heel section, absorbing up to 22% more shock (when you jump or do sudden movements and all). The lowest density would be on the midsection, and that increases leg muscle activation (yay! workout without a gym).

Since I'm the type who stands a lot and walks a lot, I can't stay in heels anymore that long. In fact, I only have a four-hour limit with high heels so I've resulted to getting flatter or wedge shoes as my footwear of choice. However, my soles can't be too flat since that puts a lot of stress on my heels so I need something with a bit more elevation. The FitFlop design provides the support of a slight lift with the comfort that slippers could give me.

I know it's a bit pricey though, and it costs almost like I would plunk on a pair of sneakers. However, I'm actually thinking of the quality of life I'd have to live with less back pains and lesser risk to go into physical therapy in the long run. I definitely would wear a pair during times where I need to be doing a lot of standing and walking, like if I'm in the mall or at work. I do however, would result to close-toed options depending on the nature of the work and the venue. I definitely didn't regret having this up my shelf and I sure wouldn't mind getting another pair or any style in the same family. This currently stands next to my regular rubber slippers of course, and in fact, there's more footwear for me to love.


Crystal said...

i'm also contemplating on buying fitflops myself, but it's so expensive talaga. merry xmas bambi!

Dancel said...

Girls are going gaga over it @ Duty Free.Because It's cheaper in duty Free po compared to the price in the Mall. In Duty Free it ranges from 65- 69$ I think. Merry Christmas