Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Year-Ender Shoot

Last Sunday, I was called to model and do makeup for a shoot. Without batting an eyelash, I was like, "Give me an hour to pack my stuff" I pulled out several dresses and a pair of heels from my closet and packed a makeup kit full of essentials before I dashed away, with my wet hair back and face hidden behind a pair of shades.

It was my shoot after the Holiday rest, where I spent the Holidays resting and gaining the weight I lost. After a week, I wanted to get back to work right away, and I mean shooting and modelling. What did you know, I did both today and I had a shoot with Manny Librodo, who I previously worked with Josa Quintas.

He and Melai picked me up in Starbucks near my place and we headed off to LGV. There's also another model by the way, and that's Rudge! We called him that day to join us, so there would be two of us to be shot by Manny. Last time I saw Rudge was earlier this year, after my stint as guest MuA at MAC and after his trip to Thailand. I was glad Rudge agreed at last minute, and we really did a lot of catching up.
I did makeup on me at the car to save time. So when we got to the location, all I had to do was do makeup on Rudge and attach my falsies. Rudge really looked amazing so makeup on him was quick and breezy. So what were the pegs? Well whaddya know... we went sexy this time. Very. very sexy. We were at ease with each other, having worked with each other countless times. We both have no qualms about going sexy in pictures as for us, it's work and we're both artists. Besides, working with Manny is an absolute pleasure. I love his treatments and he made these sexy pictures look tasteful. :)
This photo looks like an adventure movie poster. Plus it shows how thin I've become already.

The group picture also shows the people I've met in the shoot. I've worked with Melai with Manny before but I finally meet the Illuminati photographers, who I've only met in Facebook and now I get to meet them in person. :D I also met Ricky Ladia, who taught Manny how to do strobes.

Another little trivia, Rudge was the first model I've worked with this year, and the last one I've worked with for 2009. :) Isn't it cool? The shoot was really fun and with the good vibes, it was a definite success! Also, I love working with real artists who are professional with open minds and creative ideas. :)

Photo Credits:

  • Models: Philip Rudge Arca and Bambi de la Cruz
  • Photographer: Manny Librodo
  • Makeup: Bambi de la Cruz

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