Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Big, Fat, and Beautiful MAC Love

This year... MY MAKEUP STASH GREW! And I mean total influx of makeup grew. Wasn't it just a couple of years ago when all the makeup I owned could fit in a gym bag? Now I have two malettes and a workspace to hold all of them! I've started collecting and investing on high-end makeup brands at the same time learning more by buying books and reading stuff online and back issues of Vogue and In Style. Anyway, as the paying clients started pouring in, I slowly started investing on tools. I started with shadows and lipsticks and then moved on to basics like concealer, foundation, and then later on to brushes. I still have drugstore brands, although I can't help but have my own favorites.

Among my favorites, and also ranking my top favorite makeup brand is of course, MAC. I've always been fascinated with the MAC stores and then I see the pretty make up artists with their flawless makeup and brushes doing makeovers. MAC was the brand that inspired me to do makeup and remains one of my favorites up to this day. Also, guesting for MAC made me love the brand even more since I learned more about it and I learn about new products that I used to ignore in the shelves but actually work just as great. As of today, I'm officially a MAC addict, a MAC lover, and MAC collector.

When I got my MAC products from my most recent guesting, I decided to do an inventory of the stuff I have already from MAC. When I lay them on my bend, would you believe they practically filled up the entire space! I couldn't post the entire collection in a whole picture since it couldn't fit the frame so I chopped them into parts. So officially, here are my MAC stuff as of December 2009 (and growing and growing and growing):

Eye Makeup: This includes eyeshadow pots, eyeshadow palettes, brow sets, mascara, eye pencils, pigments, mineralize eyeshadows, paint pots, cream color base, and fluidline.

Brushes. So far I only have 3 full-sized brushes - 129, 242, and 217. I have all the red collection's brush sets and the Colorforms advanced brush set. Of course, the quality of the full size is different from the smaller ones but here, I love the 168, 187, 239, 219, 318, 190, 212, and 194.

Base makeup and highlights: Foundation (preferences: Mineralize Satinfinish, Studiosculpt set with Studio Fix Powder+Foundation), concealer, and mineralize skin finishes both natural and for highlighting. I also have the Emmanuel Ungaro beauty powder, which makes an excellent and matte blush. Yes, I have more than one shade since I handle a variety of faces, complexions, and skin conditions.

Three blushers. :) All in pretty colors. This I probably would need more of.

Skinsheen leg sprays were introduced to me by Sam and I love the healthy bronzey glow it gives me. Leg sprays warm up the complexion, and this helps if I'm doing shoots where I need to show some skin (a warm bronzey complexion registers better on camera) or when I'm wearing skirts or shorts and want that glow.
The strobe cream and strobe undercover smell really good and give my skin a fantastic glow before makeup. I just use a little amount as too much could be heavy.

My most favorite things in the world are.....LIPSTICKS! Most of the stuff here are from collections although I do have regular items like Viva Glam, Russian Red, Ruby Woo, and Blankety. I make it a point to also have a variety of shades, even outrageous ones like black, lilac, or deep plum.

So after documenting the makeup and packing them away, here's the funny thing... I discovered that there were some items that I forgot to take shots of:

Blot powder, Heatherette lipstick in Hollywood Nights, underlacquer base, and nail polish. Oh wow. :)

And that's my big, fat, MAC collection that's forever growing. :-) I'm actually still wondering what to get next. Brush? Foundation? Eyeshadow? Blush? Hmmmm.....

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inkarlcerating said...

ive been lemming for studio sculpt since it was released.. will it keep up to my oily skin?
grabe! mac forever!