Monday, December 14, 2009

Winged Eyes for Sarah Gaugler's UNO Cover Shoot

Sarah Gaugler's trademark winged eyes, make an impact as she sports them in her UNO cover for this month:

The sculptured curls give it a classic vintage pinup girl look and the whole look has a mixture of Dita Von Teese and Amy Winehouse. The wings add an instant lift to her eyes, accentuating the shape. It actually gives her an approachable and friendly look.

To take the look to everyday wear, it's best to frame the face with defined eyebrows. Use brown eyebrow powder (or matte eyeshadow) two shades lighter than the head hair color (even for defined brows, never use black or gray). The tail end of the brow will guide you on how you want the wings to be. Prime lids with an eyeshadow primer and sweep a nude or bone-colored eyeshadow from lashline to crease to neutralize the lid color and to awaken the eyes.

For the wings. I recommend using a gel eyeliner because it's easier to manage than liquid yet it gives that same definition. To create that winged eye, here's the trick: work backwards. Instead of lining the eyes the traditional way and flicking the outside corner for the wing, we'll make the wing first and go inwards, so it's easier. Start from where you want the tail to end (or shorter) then drag the brush towards the inner lashline. Fill in the gaps with liner and edit the wing as necessary to make sure that both eyes are even. Line the bottom lashline with gel liner to "close" the winged look. Errors can be corrected with makeup remover and powder foundation.

The eye makeup can be finished off by highlighting the inner corners of the eyes with the same color used as an eyeshadow base and lots of mascara on curled lashes. To enhance the wing effect, False eyelashes can be used. Half-length lashes enhance the wing shape more. Cheeks can be highlighted with a shimmery highlighting powder since this can enhance the "lifting" effect of the wings.

Perfecting winged eyes like Sarah's takes a lot of practice. If you don't get it right the first time, it's okay. Adjust, erase, and try again. When you get better, you will develop your own preference, technique, and style. Try making the line thicker or thinner as you wish. Although black was used here, feel free to experiment with other gel liner colors like copper, brown, green, or blue.

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