Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Working Holiday

Yesterday, I had a shoot with a really great photographer, Adrian. I met him through Rudge when Rudge started raving about a new but hella talented photographer. I browsed through his portfolio and was really amazed at his style and stories.

Anyway, a shoot was organized and there were three of us models, and one makeup artist (ME). We did have pegs in mind and we shot at the apartment of one of the models. Before we entered, she asked if we were okay with cats, because she had 3 cats at home. When we saw the kitties, they were absolutely adorable and they got so curious with my makeup stuff.

ooooh! What's this big pretty bag hold?

This little kitty (same as the one above) was just staring at the brushes as I started setting up.

And this little fiesty kitty decided to hide while the action went on.
And this little kitty just wants to cuddle her mommy Brittany.

We got so inspired too as Brit's house was so full of inspirations with wonderful interiors and so much character. We were like okay, so we're shooting and then we were going, "what if we do this?" Most of our impromptu shoots turned out really nice, even the one that we were drying out after we were submerged in the pool. The pool was absolutely fantastic. I mean, when we first saw it, the tiles were dark to begin with so the color of the pool looked like a deep blue-green. Thinking that it might yellow out our tones, we were contemplating of using the pool in another location. But when we tried the pool, we saw in the camera that it looked like dark water, which gave a mysterious effect so we went on in the pool. Oh, and makeup didnt budge despite that Nathan dove in. Yay! Water-resistant makeup!
Working with Nathan was an absolute charm. I've met Nathan only online and he's one fantastic model that I've worked with. Super game in everything and he photographs quite well. He's also smart with a great sense of humor. Fun person too. I'm just glad to meet him in person and finally get to work with him. Adrian is an absolute genius. While we were talking, we both saw interest in desaturated pictures and pictures that tell a story. I like how he composes the photographs and doesn't just shoot and shoot. Makeup peg, was as Brittany would say, "an angel but about to fall." but I got inspired with the kitties and made smokey cat's eyes the same color scheme or a complementary color to the kitties.
Our group shot. Brittany, our gracious host and also a model, who lent her house for the shoot, our sole male model Nathan, and me! Yes. I'm so short here. heeheeheehee. This was taken by Adrian. I really hope that there would be a part 2 of the shoot as it was so much fun. It's a great and productive way to bond with friends while work on our creativity.

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