Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Series of Various Events

I've been having photoshoots much and I'm glad for the influx of work volume whether it be a collaboration or a paid client because I get to not only express my creativity and earn but I get to refresh my skills as well. I guess this week a lot of things happened and here's a lowdown.

Last Friday (that was last week, not the Friday 2 days ago), I had a collaboration with Dennis and Andy. I was on my way to the location when I was about to board a bus to Buendia (yes friends, I do not drive going to far places because I'm a lazy person) when I saw that the bus was almost full. No way am I going to stand for God knows how long with my backpack, malette, and bag since it would be a hassle so I decided to go down. Just as one foot was on the road, the bus sped dragging me halfway so I was thisclose to almost getting myself slammed on the pavement. I made through it alive though but I kinda injured my shoulder, knee, left wrist, and got a bruised hip. I hailed a cab to the location and waited for Dennis, Andy, and our model to get there. When they got to the location, we saw that we had about less than 2 hours for the shoot so I had to do makeup fast. So makeup was done and so we shot

Andy at work
Dennis doing behind-the-scenes shots of our model, Victor C.

and my version of BTS. :) Okay, of course Andy's shots are way better. We finished right on the dot. We parted ways and Andy and I hailed a taxi to Makati where we had lunch first before we parted ways. After that, I headed off to my client shoot and as soon as I re-packed for my shoot the following day.

I had a shoot the morning at BF Paranaque with Christine, Jhenn, and Mark before I headed out in the afternoon for the Olay event, not breaking any bones this time. After the event, which I blogged previously, I had lunch with Romina before we did some window shopping at The Ramp and MAC. I got home in the evening for my stuff to take a rest.

Work began for me on Tuesday where I guested at the MAC counter in MoA, again. Mall hours were extended so I got to stay in the mall at 10 p.m. Sales were pretty much okay, for a weekday, and it was funny to see that the mall still alive even at ungodly hours. It was fun actually, and I did enjoy my stay there. I got to wear MAC Diva lipstick again. Yeah!

That Wednesday, Mike and I had a shoot with Rachel. It was a whole lot of fun, with Rachel being as cool as ever. It was her first time to meet Mike and they got along quite well. She loved the photos! :D

Actually, these are photos taken using Rachel's camera. My camera conked out AGAIN and had to be taken at the service center since the lens went berzerk, stressing me out. It worked perfectly fine at the Olay event but the lens sorta decided to die out again. grrrrrr!!!!! Anyway, the good news is it could be repaired in a week or two. The bad news is, it's no longer under warranty so I had to shell out dough. AUUUUGH! Ironically though, being under warranty takes longer for repairs.
Friday was another busy day. I had a shoot with Rachel again at Sta. Lucia so I met her at her house where we both went to Sta. Lucia. When we made our way back to Ortigas, traffic was really bad, we were stuck on the road for a good 2 hours. When I got dropped at Galleria, I lined up to get a taxi to my client in MANILA. For some weird reason, taxi drivers were pretty lazy at getting passengers and the line was insanely long. When I got my taxi, I was lucky that he agreed to take me there but man... traffic was hell at every single place, even at side streets. I was panicking already since I was way late beyond call time. Turns out, everyone was late and stuck in traffic and everything was so slow, which was unusual. By the end of the day, I was really tired, and stressed from all that traffic.
I guess this week had a lot of things happening for me. Although I did manage to weasel in a few misfortunes - my bus accident, the camera conking out, and the horrid friday traffic, I still got my shoots and collaborations and lots of work to balance it out. :) So happiness was there too.
The week's starting for me now. Hope it turns out well!

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