Saturday, December 12, 2009

BLUED Shoot: Whee!!!!!!!

This shoot was done a few months ago, but I just got to posting the materials and behind-the-scenes when the official materials are out. What's the shoot? It's the shoot for BLUED. :D

I'm talking about the clothing company that made waves during the 90's, and it still continues to be a hit until now. I did own a shirt before by BLUED (a hand-me-down). Now I get to work for their campaign! Weeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Plus, I get to work with one of my fave photographers. The shoot was practically the whole day, but it was really fast. we shot like 3 racks of clothes, and the photos were awesome.

The look for the day is cool, clean, casual, and carefree. So I made the models look fresh and glowing.

Here's the BTS footage I did during the super fun shoot.

Thanks to Mike for holding the camera on the instances where I asked to be on camera. The camera is back at the service center since my lens conked out again. URGGGHH!!!! Need new cam and need a little handy video cam too (christmas gifts please, and a lappy with windows movie maker)

And here's where you get to see our work, thanks to Rafa for sharing these to me. I dunno yet if they have it on ATC or Glorietta. Last week, it wasn't up at ATC, but they already have it in Trinoma.

Yes, I recommend their clothing being affordable and comfy. :)

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