Thursday, November 26, 2009

My One Big HBC Haul

Bambi's got a new weapon and she's ready to fire. :D

It's that piece of machinery that I'm holding that's my new toy. I was invited to an event at HBC in Greenhills. Shopping and beauty were my key words for me to say yes. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded with products too? Actually, I've been an HBC customer for 4 years since I came home from the States and they opened a branch near my place. I finally have a place where I could get beauty supplies at a cheaper price.

Anyway, at the event, we were given Php1,500 worth of GCs which we had to consume for that day. Here's the thing.... I couldn't decide which to buy. I thought first of buying and hoarding false eyelashes and then hoarding cotton, tissue, and miscellaneous items for Mantra studio. After deciding and opening and returning and re-editing choices... I thought I'd just get one item which I know I really need and would be very useful and one thing I still don't have...

I've never fired a gun in my entire life but this one is definitely bigger than your average gun. I finally got myself a professional-style blow-dryer, which is one thing that I've been really needing. Although I have a my trusty foldable blow-dryer, which I could use for travel shoots, I still need this biga$$ one for better blowouts plus it's time I practice blow-drying hair to perfection.
The thing also that this baby has is it does not only control wind speed but also the temperature.
The top switch controls the speed, and the temperature is being controlled by the lower switch. Actually, I've been wanting to have a blow-dryer that has a cool air function. The cool air function seals and closes the hair cuticle for a sleek and shiny blowout. Also, it cools and sets the hair after blow-drying with hot air. It's also got two concentrator attachments.

I also like how comfortable the handle is (it's kinda rubberized too) and how easy I could maneuver this device, although on my own, it still would be hard especially at the back part. I've worked with a full-size blow dryer before and I still have a hard time, but there really is a difference with the results. I'm really happy with this buy, and I just had to shell out Php 300 more but it's okay. I think good equipment are really worth the investment, and just in case it does conk out, HBC also has a repairing service too, and with a branch just a hop and a leap away from where I live, it's pretty easy. Cost of this blow-dryer is Php 1,800, and it's cheaper than other dryers that perform the same quality.

Other stuff that are worth checking out are as follows:
SanSan makeup, actually one of the first makeups that I used. I like most especially the stick concealers, which I use for full-coverage avante garde makeup and the pen-type liquid liner in black, which gives the intensity of a liquid liner and gives Angelina Jolie-like cat's eyes easier than a brush-type liquid liner.
Bottles of flavored and unflavored virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil had its boom a few years ago. I use it to condition my hair before I go to bed. I also rub it on my tummy and thighs to keep my skin tone healthy. I also rub some to my lashes to keep them conditioned. I've also heard it helps my lashes grow thicker. REALLY NOW? I used to take it too internally, but I use the flavored variety, the one for kids. As I'm hitting the pool soon, I could also use VCO as a tanning lotion since I've been really pale lately.
Body Recipe for affordable skin care that smells really good. I like the cucumber facial scrub (in fact it's what I'm using now) during my no-makeup days when I need to exfoliate my skin. Another thing I use at night is the cucumber eye cream, which feels better chilled to say no to puffiness now that my face has been completely healed from its allergy scars and I'm free to go bareface again. :)
My little hoards of cotton, buds, and lashes would have to wait first, but I guess it would be easy as they're always available. I couldn't catch the blow-dryer in the branch near my place so I was really lucky that I had the chance to shop this baby for free. Horray!


Anonymous said...

hi! where can i buy the vco?
thank u

Bambi said...

Hi! At all HBC stores