Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunday Shoot with the Supermodels

I had a shoot last Sunday at BF Paranaque. It was a powerhouse crew with three makeup artists, 6 models, and one kickass photographer with clothes by 2 topnotch designers. Originally, this shoot was supposed to be on October 31 but due to the typhoon (I hetch typhoons), we decided to postpone it for the weekend following this. Good thing that Sunday was sunny and we all were able to make it.

(click for a larger version)

So here are our gorgeous female models with the sole male model, Patrick. I took this as a behind-the-scenes photo but since I loved how they posed, I sort of did some editing first.

These are top models with very strong portfolios and all have strutted Philippine Fashion Week's Runways...

Thanks to Yeoh who casted our models for these shoots. Actually, Yeoh posts castings in his blog and Multiply for fashion shows, go-sees, and even test shoots/collaborations with a really good team, and definitely, we were more than happy to work with these girls.

I did makeup for Jade, who I've met in the past a lot of events. It was my first time to solely do her makeup and it was so much fun. Jade is very pretty and very nice, plus she looked like a doll in her first look, which was smoky eyes, pale lips, and big pouffy hair.

Jade all made up and pretty in a Popo Go gown and me in my summery dress all haggardness :P

After that, I did a second look on her, which was a darker version of her, as I otherwise see her as having a very sunny personality:

She's wearing a vintage dress (but this one was provided by our photographer, Christine) and a vintage hat so I gave her a flapper look since it was a bit elegant. I folded her hair in a fake bob and did a different type of smoky eyes that had a bit more shape. Dark eyebrows to make the face look strong and strong contours. Plus, a plummy lip topped with rich black sheer lipstick used as gloss. Funny thing too, because Jade and I decided to have fun with the makeup and went out to buy taho at Sinangag Express below the venue and everyone was looking at her.

The shoot ended at 6 and we all went home tired but happy. Till the next collaboration and hope to work with these people again. Part I of this project is already up but I'll be posting my part when it comes, which wouldn't be long.

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