Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Bathroom Best Friend

No, dears, I don't deny my age when I have my IDs to prove how old I am, but that doesn't mean I should just let myself get wrinkled and crinkly, like a piece of crumpled paper right? So my best bets have been anti-ageing creams, which prevent signs of ageing like wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, etc. My first step towards anti-ageing was when I was introduced to Olay Regenerist last year, being conscious that there are preventive measures for fine lines, wrinkles, and all that, and I should be very aware of them. Plus, what I discovered is that stress (which is inevitable in our day-to-day lives) and the free radicals in the air (although I've been smoke-free for two years, I'm still exposed to dust, dirt, pollution, and second-hand smoke) could contribute to ageing.

While I was grocery-shopping, I saw that Olay had a range of bath soaps and of course, I decided to pick this baby up and give it a try, as I need a non-drying bath soap now that the colder months are coming and my body skin has been suffering dry spells.

An age-defying bar. Yay! Actually, this has been my soap for quite a while and I've fallen in love with its scent, and how it lingers on me as I opened the box. The soap feels lush on the skin and my skin doesn't feel tight and dry when I rinse the residue off (I guess that's why it's called moisturizing bar). I actually do an extra loofah rub with this one, especially if I have a shoot and I need to rid my skin of dead cells. Another thing I like about it is this doesn't melt that fast, provided that it is a moisturizing soap bar, and soaps like these tend to wither down in like 2 weeks but I still got more of this left after 2 weeks. Nope, doesn't feel greasy either. Oh by the way, do not expect the skin to magically transform into the skin of a 20-year-old girl immediately. What this does (I think) is moisturize the skin as it cleanses, so the skin isn't scaly and dry after bathing and soaping, but still soft and supple (and cleaner!). Of course, I do moisturize with lotion after, to replenish lost moisture, even if I'm using a moisturizing soap.

Another thing too, is that I didn't get red spots on my skin after. I usually get like red rashes on my skin and I kinda itch in some soaps (even certain baby soaps, not just the harsher ones), but this one didn't leave a single red itchy spot.

Do I like this? I really do. :) It works great for me now that the colder months tell me to boost up on moisturizing.

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