Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Corner Room

Photographer Christine Day Lorico delivers another spectacular rendition of her fashion photos with me as the willing guinea pig. This is my super utang shot to her as I promised I'd get in front of her camera but schedules didn't permit it. To think I live quite close to her. I always hang out in BF Paranaque with ruins being one of my fave spots and also the fact that I just hop and step and I'm at BoNa already.
This shot was done in less than 3 hours. I also had her shoot my statement necklaces, and she did so wonderfully. They look like magazine spreads here.
Smoky eyes were plum and blue and more on black and I made strong contours and braved heavy lashes. The lips were kept neutral and pale, and the peg here is very grungey but sexy, something that I haven't done before. I was having a slight bloat case there so I made sure I prepared for that shoot with pilates and yoga to keep lean. But I did drink the week before and pigged out at Gloria Maris. hahaha. Food. :D
Photo Credits:
Photographer and Stylist: Christine Day Lorico
Makeup Artist and Model: Bambi de la Cruz.

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