Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Four Ways To Make Use Of Your Black Lipstick

Behold my recent MAC purchase and my last for the month of October:
I did not use photo-editing to change color on the lipstick. I did purchase a lipstick in a true black color. MAC's Style Black collection is finally here in the Philippines featuring dark nail lacquer, lipsticks, and black mineralize eyeshadows to unleash the inner goth in everyone.

As I am the new owner of this color, the question I get whenever people see a black lipstick in my toolcase is - "Black lipstick?" Of course, being a makeup artist, it was expected that I carry lipstick in even the weiredst colors. but hey, did you know that this lipstick can also be taken from runway to real life?

Before I start, I have to whack myself on the head because I was crazy not to introduce this lipstick. The lipstick above, is Black Knight, and it's in a Cremesheen finish. This meaning although it's opaque, it's not as drying as matte and it allows the lip color to be seen in just one coat. The downside? It's not as long-lasting or pigmented as the Mattene version. It's even shiny, if you check the swatch, you'd see that one one coat, it's quite sheer so for more coverage you need to apply like 3 coats (and blot in-between for staying power)

On my hand, it's true inky black, but somehow, it projects a plummy shade on my lips, or maybe it's because of the lipsticks I use? On "subtle" days though, here's what I do: I combine it with some of my lippies so I could wear this lipstick without scaring the living hell out of everyone. Although this is quite a strong color, I wear this with a slightly lined eye, strong brows in an ashy color, and contoured cheeks with a pop of shimmer (Recommended: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish) or a sheer lilac-like blush on the cheeks, or a blush in a cool pink color so it goes with a rather cool-colored look.

Okay, so here are my ways of wearing Black Knight:


Blot it on lips like a stain. Then, blend in a corally sheer color on lips for a warm plummy shade. This one is not that glossy, and it feels quite comfortable for me, so it's just like wearing creamy plum lipstick.

The good thing about this baby too, is that I don't need to use a brush, so it saves me an extra step. I want this look to be more of a stain than a "proper" lip color. I need to work more on the eyes though, so I look more polished, so I add a hint of deep purple on a subtle smokey eye.


Apply a thin layer of tinted lip conditioner on lips before blotting in Black Knight. Blend these two and then top with true blood-red lipgloss for shine.

The shade is similar to #1, but it's shinier due to the lipgloss. To make your lipgloss stay true to its color on the tube instead of getting some black mixed in, use a brush or wipe your applicator with a tissue before capping it back.


For a deep maroon shade (for the bolder ones who still want it looking like a lip-color), line lips with red or nude lip liner and fill in with a bold red lipstick in a matte or semi-matte finish. blot. Top with Black Knight and blend these colors together with a lip brush.

I believe this shade is the most wearable especially for a nighttime look. It's quite similar to MAC's Dubonet, with the deepness of the shade plus the texture.


I took it to the extreme and let the black lip do the show. Line lips with a neutral-colored lip pencil to shape it then fill in with plum lipliner. If you want to go all-out true black use a black eyeliner that's soft enough as not to hurt your lips. Then, apply Black Knight. Blot and reapply.

In this picture, I used plum lipliner, so you still see a hint of purple. It really looks black here, and even in black and white photos, the lips still look black. To clean up the edges, use an angled brush with powder foundation to create the sharp edges so the lips are more defined. Since this look showcases Black Knight in itself, I recommend this if the wearer is bold enough. But really, it does look nice on the lip too, and it's a very unique statement.
Basically, here are my techniques on how to wear an otherwise unusual lipstick. The key though to really rock this lipstick is confidence. Be proud and rock this unique look. Have fun!

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