Monday, November 23, 2009

When My TV Isn't Just for Veging Out

Healthy lifestyle also includes exercise, and although I'm not overweight, I still try to get some exercise. In fact, I was advised by my doctor to get regular exercises to keep my bones strong and my muscles toned. I also was told that exercise improves blood circulation, combats stress, and releases skin-wrecking toxins from the body. So why not?

Here's the thing, I don't enrol in the gym since aside from finding it too expensive, I'd rather do exercise at the comfort of my own home, especially by the fact that I'm a hermit. Also, the exercises I choose have to be low-impact and nothing too straining for my weak lungs. Plus, since I'm super impatient, they gotta be quick.

So these CDs have been my best friends for years, and now my secret's out. Video workouts are what I do, since I really find it better for me to exercise at home, since I do enjoy my privacy and me time by doing my workouts. Plus, I chose workouts that are customed to my lifestyle, type of body, and preference.

Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease - For the mere reason that it takes me only 20 minutes to work out (I'm very impatient, LOL) plus it's fun. And since it's not that hardcore, I could do this wearing high heels and I get the bonus of toning my calves in the process. However, my absolute favorite is the one I do not do on high heels: Fit To Strip which gives me toning and tightening exercises targeted at specific areas. Disc #5 (Hip-Hop), is really aerobic workout at its finest, so I always combine #2 and #5 if I want it intense but not too intense.

Bellydance - I have two video CDs of this, one targetting the upper body and one targetting the lower body. Aside from the fact that it's low impact, it also works on my grace and balance. Plus, I don't feel the 30 minutes pass as it's fun. I've tried the cardio and they really mean cardio. My thighs really hurt after, but hey, no pain no gain.

I Want Those Abs - This video workout has scientific basis and each workout was tested in the lab, and instructor Tami Lee teaches us how to go about it. Aside from the fact that it's quick at practically only 15 minutes per workout (YAY!), it's highly intense. I've tried the advanced workout and whoa! Advanced really mean advanced. My obliques practically burned and my muscles were put to the limit. But here, I was able to see results in a month doing the workouts regularly, although they did hurt. Results? Flatter, firmer abs and my apollo's belt starting to form.

Pilates - Whoever said that Pilates is for lazy girls who just want to lie down and stretch is wrong. This video targeted every muscle in my body focusing on the core. This workout is low-impact so no pain and strain on my knees and wrists and ankles. Pilates also improves my flexibility and I found myself more flexible and able to do more contortionist poses a-la Giselle Bundchen as I got better. Of course, I still can't do very advances yoga and pilates routines but I know I'll get there. This workout is kinda long though, so I only do this when I have a lot of time to spare. But what I like about it too, is that they break down the more complicated postures so you know how to do them right, because if you "cheat" your way to workout, it's apparently less effective.

Other workouts I do are yoga routines that I follow in YouTube (I love Tara Stiles!) and the traditional classic: 300 crunches. :)

Of course, I always couple my toning with a good cardio workout and stretching too. I also make it a point to eat right and try to avoid unhealthy foods, especially if I'm having a shoot. :) I figured out that my doctor is right and I worked out regularly. Not only did I notice an improvement in muscle tone, I feel stronger now. It's easier for me to carry my super heavy equipment and I've got more stamina to do work. I guess exercising really is for everyone, it's just finding the right workout for you.

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