Tuesday, November 3, 2009

UNO Paints the Town Red This November

UNO Magazine's cover girl sports a black hat, red stilettos, red lipstick, red nails - and nothing else. :)

Her name still remains a mystery to most of us, though, until this issue hits the newsstands. However, the impact is definitely something. The treatment in the photo (a sort of vintage pinup look ) had the colors desaturated save for the reds, which really popped out. Plus check out how they balance the masculinity of the hat.

And this, my friends, is why I've been an advocate of the red-lipped look for years now and collecting red lipsticks - it's effortless and time-saving plus it gives that pop of brightness to the face in less time. This is also proof that we all can carry red lipstick, and reds should not just be left to the mestizas or Hollywood stars. The model has very Asian features yet the check out how fabulous she looks like with the red lipstick. Actually, I really think that red really looks amazing on Asians, especially corally and golden reds, which highlight our naturally warm-toned skin. The look is very well-balanced, with the makeup being understated with subtle contours and even skin tone since the lips are already very strong.

Although this is an extreme way of showcasing the reds, in real life, though we could apply this principle in many ways. Got only 5 minutes before a date? Freshen the face by patting away oil, reapplying mascara, and whipping out that tube of red lipstick. If the red lipstick is still too much, try wearing red stilettos with the black LBD and pair it with a red purse. Red nails have always been a classic, flattering most tones so ask for red the next time you get your manicure.

Red is instant sexy, don't you all think? This cover is definite proof.

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