Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Hot Treat On a Cold Day

As it was raining outside, my overworked hands got a little R&R. With it being submerged in detergents and doing manual labor, it tends to get dry especially on the sides of the nail. For dry, peeling nails, the same with hair, I was given a hot oil manicure, which I'm about to talk about.

Hot oil manicures are for nails with really thick and dry cuticles. I remember encountering the term when I taught nail care but haven't quite found a salon here in Manila that has hot oil manicures until now (horray now there is). Hot oil manicures preps the skin with a warm moisturizing treatment before manicure. Just as we treat our dry and damaged hair with hot oil, it's the same way for the nails. Our friendly neighborhood spa (My nickname for them, because, it really is, my friendly neighborhood spa since I'm 2 minutes away) had this treatment at a very affordable price (Php200 for manicure and Php 250 for pedicure), with international standards.

Since my hands would be taken care of, I couldn't make my accessories so to keep me company -Broadway pop music on my mp3 player as I get my nails done.

First up, my hands were soaked in a bowl of warm water and lavander oil solution. When I asked why use lavander oils as opposed to other scents, I was told that lavander has properties which strengthen the nails. Well, not to mention that I do like the smell of lavander as it calms me down. It's in an olive oil base, so it feels super luxurious. I kinda like how it envelopes my skin after. Although I initially soaked just the fingertips, when the water cooled down, I dipped my entire hand. Wiiiii!

After the lavander oil soak, my hands were wrapped in hot towels to let the moisture sink in. It was followed by a massage (horray!) using warmed lavander oil. I love that the massage wasn't hurried and the therapist really took her time (why would I complain with a massage right)? The oil was towelled off so I don't get any greasy oil residue. Here, hot towel was again used so there was no greasy and oily afterfeel (which could be exacerbated during hot summer months).

Instantly, I felt like my hands and arms were really smooth and moisturized without the yucky feel of oil. My limbs are undergoing a dry spell, especially my hands from washing my brushes and being very hands-on with my work literally. This downtime I have from work came at the time of my hot oil manicure, so I felt a huge difference.

After the oil treatment, my nails were given the regular cleaning - cleaning the nail beds, trimming, filing, so they look extra clean and we finally say bye-bye to the dead dry skin that's been accumulating on the sides. I've noticed that it was easier to remove the dry skin than before in a regular manicure. I don't have the "peeling" and "splitting" skin that usually appear after a manicure (and the wounds I get from picking them).

Usually, in a hot oil manicure, it is recommended to leave the nails bare as nail polish usually doesn't last. But for picture purposes (and if we'll be having an event right after and we want to look extra polished), I went for a conservative shade of nude bronze:

Moisturized skin. :) Pretty nails.

I recommend this treatment for those who have dry and brittle nails. Think of it as giving the hands an extra dose of moisturizer, especially if we worked too hard. Plus, at Php200, I wouldn't complain. Hands are definitely ready for work now. A little once-in-a-while indulgence if we feel a bit dry.

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