Friday, June 19, 2009

Bright Eyes with Laura Mercier Eye Basics

Thanks to Kai to dragging me to a mini-event of Laura Mercier yesterday I ended up purchasing a baby that could save me money, time, and effort. Over sweet potato strips, makeup sampling, and a post-rainy morning, I was introduced to Sean Stevenson, their international makeup artist, who I had the pleasure of asking a thing or two about their products and some tips on starting off work in the US, as I have plans of heading there in a few months or so.

When I asked about smoky eye techniques, he gave me a technique for crease-free, waterproof, water-resistant, and super fool-proof technique for smoky eyes. He mixes their cream eyeshadow with a bit of Laura Mercier caviar (not the one you eat, but a gel/cake eyeliner in an intense, matte finish) and this forms a creamy base that you can use for a really intense smoky eye. He also introduced me to the eye basics, which look like lipglosses at first but are actually eye primers/eyeshadow bases to hold eyeshadow.

They come in 3 colors. The one on the left is has a peach tone, the middle blue and the right one a yellow and universal skintone color. The best, however, is the one on the right but since they ran out of stocks, I settled for the next best thing, which was the blue one, named eyebright.

The blue hue counteracts the redness on the eyes and those veins and gives the appearance of brighter eyes, hence the name Eyebright. It's also a base that's quite light so eyeshadow color is
more prominent. I also like the texture too, which wasn't too oily for me. The Laura Mercier technique of applying eyeshadow is actually different. For one, they don't put foundation or powder on the lids, since the lids can be oily so they put the eye base instead, and since the eye base is tinted, it counteracts whatever redness or discoloration there is on the lids.

Here's when I put it to the test, so I applied little amount on the back of my hand and blended it. If you see there, it's not really blue but a little bright color.

And then I patted some eyeshadow. It doesn't have to be Laura Mercier. I just used whatever existing eyeshadow I have.

Then I sprayed water

and smudged too!

Here's another test on counter where my hand was literally soaking wet

This I'll definitely put to test later. Oh, and my purchase did come with a pretty gift:

I think I would be wearing smoky eyes tonight. :)

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