Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Saturday Shoot with Leonardo

Last Saturday, I had a photoshoot again. The night before they told me it was going to be a male model. So I was thinking male model... okay basic clean makeup but I had the hunch to still keep some eyeshadow colors, at least the basic smoky palette and the lipsticks and eyeliners.

When I got there and proceded to do makeup, I was instructed on the look and when the stylist showed me the pegs... guess what? They were avante garde. The first look I had to make the face look like a white mask, smoke up the eyes, and make the lips almost blend into the face. The second look was smoky eyes, then the third involved red makeup around the eyes (I used 2 shades of red lipstick here) and more to come, and of course, the clean male makeup with a twist on luminous skin.

on colored picture, the face is really, really pale white

here's proof that i did the red eyes

The model's name is Leonardo Corredor and he's Venezuelan by birth but he resides in Miami. He actually is game to do the shoot even if it involved stage makeup, lipstick on the eyes, kohl pencils that were a pain to remove, and heavy accessories. :) He's also a photographer, and he takes really good photos too.

Of course we did looks to highlight his features. He already has perfect skin to begin with so I didn't have a hard time doing his makeup too. The expressive eyes were indeed an asset to play with and he had his own style.

Shoot credits:

  • Model: Leonardo Corredor of Ideal
  • Photographers: Filbert Kung and Glenn Peter Perez of Blackfox Photography (the signatures are in the photos)
  • Accessories: Dennis Celestial
  • Stylist: Eric Poliquit
  • Grooming: Bambi de la Cruz

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Kim said...

nice work Bambi =) The model is a hunk