Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sporting Red Lips On a Movie Night With Friends

I could never get enough of red lips. Classic and effortless.
I was chatting with my friend (and a fantastic photographer in fact) the other night when he suggested to me to keep the look we had when we last worked together, which was, the classic vintage pinup girl look. Apparently, that look has garnered a whole lot of praise and I guess it's one of the looks that simply fit me the most (the second being no-makeup look). And as a request, I recreated my red-lipped look since I went out yesterday with my friends since we were gonna be watching the advanced screening of Transformers 2. :)

To recreate the look:

Red lips call for flawless skin because the red lips could accentuate redness and zits so I covered imperfections (dark circles, redness, and a few zits. hate hormones grrrr) with the necessary color correctors and concealers. In this case since it was for everyday, I used mineral foundation since I wanted sheer coverage with a nice glow, and I buffed this on my face and set it with loose mineral setting powder.

For some reason, light, ashy brows give me a softer look so I used a blond brow pencil and set it with light brown mineral powder that doesn't turn red. Blond brow mascara to keep brows in place.


My eyes are all about neutrals here so I swept a skintone nude shadow on the lid and used bronze powder to contour the lid for shape and highlighted the center of the lid, browbone, and inner eye with shimmery nude loose shadow. Of course I needed eyeshadow base to prevent creasing. I lined my upper lashlines with brown gel eyeliner. I like gel eyeliner since it gives me more dexterity without sacrificing precision and intensity. For the bottom lashline, I used gold eyeliner mixed with brown liner and set it with a bronzy-brown eyeshadow powder. I used lots of mascara to keep my lashes popping and defined.


A sweep of warm peach-pink blush kept the complexion warm followed by a shimmery golden highlighter on the tops of my cheeks and bridge of my nose.


I used two shades of lipstick here. I lined my lips with red lipliner and filled it in. I used my favorite all-time red lipstick as base color (MAC Russian Red) and blotted followed by a sheer glazy shade of lipstick (MAC Hot Tahiti). I want my lip shape defined so I went over the edges with red lipliner again.


I knew I had to bring a coat because it started to rain. Boo. Nevertheless, good thing I got inside the mall before the rain started pouring in. I met up with Rudge at Glorietta since he needed to have his fitting so we went to Rockwell after the fitting and just before the crowd started pouring in so we were able to have lunch first then after which we hung out at Shu Uemura and I love EJ for fixing my brows that time and pausing for quick chats. After which, guess who we met and had a new (and pretty) look:
Erika Plurked about having a new hair look and I was intrigued what it was. She can't have possibly cut her hair, since we've all loved her with long hair. When she texted me that she was at Rockwell already, I told her to meet me at the Fully Booked entrance. Naturally, I needed to spot a girl with her curly hair perpetually in a bun skipping along the corridor when I got greeted by a girl with super straight hair. OMIGOD! Butty got rebonded! And it was so cute since my hair was straight that day. Apir pwet!

The rest of the group came in earlier with birthday boy Mike and we watched Transformers 2. NO SPOILERS OKAY? The movie was fantastic and even if you're not a Transformers fan (I grew up playing with Barbie dolls) you'd love it. Okay, I honestly think the Megan Fox scenes especially the ones focusing on her *uhm* assets were kinda uhm... I dunno, but I guess the guys in the audience were not complaining. A suggestion would be to choose a seat that's not too near the screen coz you'd definitely get dizzy from the rumble-tumble fight scenes. It's still a fantastic film and I'm glad to enjoy it in the company of really good friends. :)


GirL with GLasses ... said...

hello :)

thank you for giving a tip on how to wear red lips properly.

i am a red lips wearer, so this kind of tip is a big help. i never knew that red lips can accentuate unwanted spots on our face. thanks :)

liza c. :) said...

What are the brands of your blonde brow pencil, light brown mineral powder, and blonde brow mascara?? I love your brows!! I can't seem to find any brow makeup that makes my brows lighter! :(

Bambi said...

Hi Liza! I used Paul and Joe eyebrow pencil #4 here. For Blond brow mascara, I use MAC Sophisticated but since they no longer carry it, Beguile would be a good option.