Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pantene Intensive Care Treatment: My Moisture Drink For Tortured Locks

Just came from a shoot today where I felt like my hair was abused due to blow-drying, flat ironing, curling, and then teasing, pinning, and combing down to a reasonable state to make me go to the mall plus the scrunching I had to go through.

Anyway, my hair has been like that for the past few weeks or so since I've been doing shoots and if it's not tortured via teasing, it's been drinking a whole lot of products, aerosol hairspray included, which could be drying to the hair. I need something to keep it nourished plus to keep it tamer during my relax days where I haven't been wearing much makeup.

It's a little late for a review, since I just used this a few weeks ago, but it's been saving my fried and dried locks.

This huge tub is value for money because I get like this for approximately Php 200.00 and the consistency was rich enough for my hair. What I like about the consistency is that it wasn't one to run or drip on my hair. Actually, what I do is after shampoo and regular conditioner, I squeeze out excess water and layer on some of these on my hair. The direction states leave on for 3 minutes and then rinse. However, what I did today was use regular conditioner, shampoo, then conditioner, then the intensive treatment. This was because I had lots of products on and I wanted them out first before applying this. On a normal day though, I can just use shampoo and then this.

Actually, aside from the fact that it doesn't drip, the scent also wasn't overpowering. It was able to condition my hair somewhat and I'm able to finger-comb it better and then comb it with a wide-toothed comb right after and it kinda looks pretty decent after air-dried. Since it's a humongous tub and it's quite heavy, it would be a pain to travel with this though. I just hope these come in travel sachets in case i'll be needing one in an out-of-town trip.

I've had friends who recommended me this product, and this is product I'd definitely recommend. Probably once it's finished (which would take a while), I'll stock up on this. My hair needs all the TLC it needs. :)

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