Monday, June 1, 2009

The Birthday List

My birthday's coming up in a couple of weeks and that's something to look forward to. I don't feel that I'm one year older because I feel that my job keeps me young.

My birthday's another excuse where I could be a brat (ha ha ha!) and just get whatever I want. Anyway, okay, I'm still the real person that I always have been even if it's not my birthday. As every year, I get the question "What do you want for your birthday?" I decided to make a wishlist so people actually know what I want. Actually, as far as makeup is concerned, I prefer getting the tools already and foundation/powder/concealer since I think my colors already suffice, although I am still eyeing on more Russian Reds, Ruby Woos, MAC Red, and RD 165.

1. Clients and Gigs! Seriously, I welcome work on my birthday, provided it's a good one. I worked on my birthday last year and I enjoyed it. I welcome clients and photoshoots. Okay, and clients mean birthday money too hahahaha. :)
2. Shoes - one of my other obsessions are good-quality shoes since I walk around a lot so I need comfy shoes. I still need a pair of sneakers/running shoes as my Nike gave up on me. I want a good classic pair of knee-high boots, a few heels for my shoots, events, and go-sees in a neutral black (And I mean the 3-inch heels), flats for walking, basta shoes. Unfortunately, my humongous feet have been picky with shoes so if shoes were the perfect gift, I'd rather get a GC from a shoe store or be taken shoe-shopping
3. Ladybug Havaianas. I dunno if they still have it but I saw the Havs with ladybug prints. wala lang. Ang cute nya eh. I also like the ones with the oriental flowers, although I don't want the platform Havs. my size? 37/38. Or when in doubt, GC!
4. Maxi dresses. Wearing maxi dresses increases my height, and I guess it hides the fact that I have hips. I love wearing them since they're comfortable and pretty - all year round
5. Bags - The good ones, the ones that could fit my stuff in.
6. Brushes from MAC - 187, 188, 239, 208, 168, 134, 227, 242
7. MAC Studiofix powder in NC35 for personal use
8. Liquid Foundations and 2-way foundations for client use - seriously, I have so much of the blush but I need foundation. For MAC, I like the Select Sheer and Mineralize Skinfinish. For Paul and Joe, the Moisturizing Compact Refills. For two-ways, I prefer the refills as i customize them into palettes anyway. I also like using the airbrush makeup of Sally Hansen, since I love the finish as it's matte and long-lasting.
9. Studiofinish Concealers for client use. Swear, they're the best that I've tried.
10. Paul and Joe eyebrow pencils and eyebrow powders. Plus MAC eyebrow pencil in lingering and brow sets in Beguile, sophisticated, and Girl Boy, because eyebrows are worth the investment.
11. Shu Uemura compact brush set of course for me! :) and a bottle of cleansing oil and another cartridge of UV Armor in SPF 50. Actually what the heck, just give me Shu anything heeheehee!
12. I've been eyeing on a new laptop for me, since my PC has been overworked and asthmatic so I could finally do my photo-editing and take my work anywhere. It doesn't have to be super pretty, I might be a girly-girl though, but I still want good hardware and software specs so it's fast enough, instead of being just pretty.
13. A new phone. My phone has so many contacts already that I need a phone with bigger memory.
14. Load for my cellphone, since I have to keep contact with almost everyone and running out of credits is something that can't happen.
15. GCs at my favorite spas and waxing salons.
16. More gigs and more jobs.
17. Beach getaway. Seriously, my tan is not enough, and yes, I need my vacay. And then I come back and work harder. Wheee!

I really, really, really am limiting the what I want list since each time I keep checking my closet, I find out that I have too much and I have to tell myself and remind myself that I still have to take them with me for the big move (and reason why I didn't ask for a makeup malette this year) clothes-wise, i think i'm okay, but I still would want a few tunic/long tops and black slim pants thrown in my direction :)

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