Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Test-Driving My Laura Mercier Eye Base

Freshly-applied:After an hour's journey to Glorietta, dinner with Dennis, meeting Apy at Starbucks, and at an event in Fiamma (1-1/4 glasses of cocktails after):

Still intact with no smearing. I forgot to bring my Select Sheer Pressed Powder (whaaa) that night and I was worried I'll be stuck with makeup meltdown but thankfully it didn't. I just tissued off when I felt it needed refreshing. Of course makeup faded late at night during our midnight snack/latedinner at McDonalds, but that was midnight and that's when I started removing my makeup to give my face a rest.

So definitely, the Laura Mercier Eye Base is a winner, a tried-and-tested product, something I'll repurchase (next in line: Flax).

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