Monday, June 22, 2009

Pantene's Mane Event with Louis Kee featuring Asian Hairstyles

As I've wrestled with my hair for decades, a night of hair care and haircuts is just what I need. Not that I'll finally say have my hair chopped off because many would scream and say no since long hair is what suits me more (plus I'm eyeing on a concept shoot which requires me to go waist-length with my hair) . I would love to learn a thing or two about hair care since my hair needs its TLC, so I think I need an expert's view to tell me how my hair should be maintained.
And who else is the expert but Louis Kee of Louis Philip Kee Salon?

The Pantene Council of Stylist member was there to personally show us the latest trends in Asian Hairstyles which were blunt bobs, layers, and edgy shags that were very much anime-like. Of course, these suit our features and hair better, and with our hair being naturally dark, the styles are very defined. Think your favorite leading lady in that Asian soap opera, the anime spikes (without the crazy color of course), or Lucy Liu's red-carpet tresses.

A few lucky ones also had the opportunity to get haircuts from Louis Kee himself:
Spotlight on Leslie, whose hair I absolutely adored. I love the layers and the sideswept bangs, which framed her face.

For me, with hair being naturally curly, Louis Kee advised to use a light spray-on wax. Just spray a bit on the palm, rub it to heat it up and use it to scrunch the hair to hold the curls and keep the shine without weighing it down, which worked well for me.
After which, we were given tips on how to style and care for our hair. One is to invest on ceramic heating tools since these have protective elements to keep hair from drying. The smooth surface also doesn't tear or break the hair. He also advised to use ionic hair dryers and the right brushes that do not tug, pull, or break hair.
At least after that night, I learned to love my hair more - curls and waves and all. Maybe on days I can give the hair iron a rest and scrunch up some wax when I want a bit of definition :)

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