Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Billy Anne and Hannah

Rain poured like hell last Wednesday but nothing stopped Mike and I with this shoot, plus we had deadline for this shoot to do.

Classic Mike Yu look was the clean look, the type that you just-woke-up-gorgeous look. And with his impeccable lighting, there was no need for photoshop. :-) I posted this picture as it is... with no photo manipulation directly from the flash drive:

Here's Hannah, our model. That's makeup with no photo-editing at all done. :) This is a simple and clean look with definition and glow at the right places. The curl of the hair was achieved using a slim ceramic straightening iron.

For the next look, there were new lines of clothing coming up at Underwear Village so we showcased them using our model, Billy Anne:

For Billy Anne's makeup, I was inspired by MAC's Style Warriors look so I used shiny bronzy eyeshadow on her lids and contoured her crease with a deeper but kinda shiny warm brown shadow to accentuate her eyes. Her brows were shapely to begin with so I just defined them. Bronzer on cheeks and plum lipstick. Here, I used NARS lipstick in Damage and topped it with MAC lipglass in Flight of Fancy. Her hair was curled with a ceramic curling iron and set with pins to let cool and for more hold and bounce. Although Billy was naturally tan with fantastic skin color, I accentuated and deepened her color with MAC Skinsheen in Dark and then powder bronzer over.

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