Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ruby Woo, the Vivid Blue-Red

Here's how I got (sorta) picture-perfect ready for the Olay Product Launch:

Perfect Black Cocktail Dress: Done! (thank you Ultimate Travel Pal!)
Scarlet Toes: Got It! (Sally Hansen Maximum Growth in Faith)
Matching Nails: Got It!
Periodic Trim to keep my strands healthy: Check!
The perfect red lip: Sure!

A reader requested that I road-test MAC's Ruby Woo after I posted Russian Red. With the help of my favorite MAC Makeup Artists at MAC Makati, I got ample information on Ruby Woo

Here it is:

MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo (Php 900.00) shown

(the yellow tone is due to MAC's lights but I'll post a better picture on my lips)
According to product specialist Mikee Raymundo, MAC Ruby Woo is also a matte finish but the difference between Ruby Woo and Russian Red is that Ruby Woo has more of a bluish undertone (a vivid bluish red, according to the MAC website). The effect is more pronounced and striking, this despite being a matte finish. MAC Counter Manager Kang also said whereas Russian Red is more universal, Ruby Woo might be selective in its wearers, particularly those with fairer complexions because of its intensity. In fact, my friend told me that the attention zeroes on my bright red lips.

Staying power is also as effective, since it was able to withstand 1 glass of Starbucks iced tea, 3 glasses of wine, 3 goblets of water, cocktails, and a sit-down dinner. I just needed to retouch once. :)
Ruby Woo, I would recommend to those girls who want a big, bright, and vivid red. Since it's got a bluish hue, it makes the teeth look whiter (although I would recommend it to those with fairer complexion, but you can mix this with another red to suit you, since I do that too!)

(photo by Apy Arevalo)
The perfect red lipstick? The perfect vivid red lipstick!


dustbunny said...

hi can you compare ruby woo with russian red side by side thanks

Bambi said...

Will do! Will do extensive research on that soon