Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My 3-minute Miracle Experience

With my smack of photoshoots for the past few months subjecting my hair to teasing, products, and even walking in the scorching sun, inevitably, my strands have turned lifeless and frayed. Since again, I'm a cheapskate to spend thousands on a salon treatment, I went for another DIY, quick (3 minutes!), and waaay cheaper experience.

Those who pass by EDSA would see Judy Ann Santos's posters across the MRT station with her long, shiny hair framing the product. At only Php 299 for 3 ampoules (roughly Php100.00 per ampoule), this looks like a cheaper and quicker alternative rather than spending hours and pesoseseses in the salon.

After Pantene's product launch last Friday, I received products from Pantene's Total Care collection, which included a box of Pantene's 3-minute miracle. The following day, after my hair being parched from blow-drying, teasing, settng, hairspray, mousse, products, and all, I gave it a powerdose of TLC.

The direction states that after shampooing and conditioning, squeeze all excess water from hair and apply all the contents of the entire tube (goodie... my hair's really long and I'm growing it) to your hair, leave it for 3 minutes and rinse off. So as soon as I hit the shower, I shampooed and conditioned my hair (with Pantene Total Care products, of course!). The directions stated to "twist the cap to open" but I think I got overly excited I just broke the cap (heeheehee) and then poured everything on my palm and worked this magic potion on my hair.

Oh, and just when I thought I squeezed everything, when I gave the ampoule one more squeeze, out came more. The product was rich enough and creamy. I love that the scent wasn't to chemical-like or "parlor-like," which are like the scents of most parlor treatments. It wasn't too strong either. Anyway, so I left the product on my head for 3 minutes plus a few more, since my hair was parched dry. I left it with a butterfly clip and rinsed it after. Of course, I gotta rinse it well!

My ends feel softer after, not that it's sales plug or anything, and I could feel a difference. The ends are no longer as itchy and I haven't blow-dried my hair since last Sunday and my hair's been pretty obedient. My blower and hair's been thankful. Just a tip for shorter-haired girls... maybe you could use half of the ampoule for one session and half of the other ampoule for another session.

Yep... I may not be a hairstylist but I take care of my hair

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