Friday, December 19, 2008

Makeupbybambi meets Fashion Icon

I was at the mall when I received a missed call when I was hanging out at Coffee Bean. I called the number and it was one of my photographer friends asking if I could do an emergency makeup on his shoot. I was like, "What do you guys have on hand?" and he said there's foundation, concealer, and lip balm and personal brushes of the model. I armed myself with hair gel and blush to serve as highlight (since he'll be doing black-and-white photography) and whatever equipment I have on hand and rushed to the studio.

Guess who the model was?

photo by Filbert Kung

Popular fashion icon and blogger Bryanboy! The guy's a real pro with the poses working each pose after pose after pose. Amazing and without any complaint! The shoot finished in two hours with gazillions of fantastic frames. I love how the picture turned out.. super classic and international level.

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