Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Study on Prosthetics

I googled on tutorials on how to make prosthetics in makeup. After extensive research, I found some easy instructions and I used whatever I had on hand substituting liquid latex for glue (where do you find liquid latex anyway here in Manila?)

So I made third degree burns out of glue, tissue, and lots of grease/wax-based paint/lipsticks, and Kryolan makeup"

I'll try using black spray-on haircolor to make things easier. The Kryolan lip rouge pallette I got proved to be better as special effects makeup rather than beauty makeup. It made realistic-looking bruises.

Oh, and here's the wound, which happened to be another favorite:

Bruised and lacerated and straight from a horror movie.

It looked so real a lot got freaked out when they saw it. To think I haven't placed fake blood yet, which I have yet to make. I added some texture inside the "peeled skin" using cotton rubbed in red/maroon grease paint.

I still have to master making slashes, as that would require a lot of dexterity on my part


carlosceldran said...

acrylic latex is also called acrylic emulsion.. It's a more liquid version of elmer's glue... It's available in most hardware stores and in HandyMan or Ace. It is used as a glossy coat for paper mache projects..


Anonymous said...

hi! prosthetic pieces are premade pieces using gel, foam, etc. they take longer to create since you have to mold them from the model and stuff but are easier to apply. the wounds you are creating are out-of-kit effects, not prosthetics. just thought you should know. =)


nayna said...

galing! i found a book on stage makeup at booksale a couple of months ago. it featured wounds and the like as well.

yours look so realistic.

Anonymous said...

hi, just want to ask. where can I buy liquid latex here in manila. Thanks!

rj moran said...

Hi where can i buy liquid latex in manila i badly need it

Bambi said...

Hi RJ!

Purbeauty sells specialty makeup like fake blood and even liquid latex. You may also check Kryolan in Il Terrazo, QC