Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tough (Nail) Paint

After I read this review from Phoebe about Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail polish, I've been intrigued and impressed as this type really stays on your nails and still remain shiny and true to its color with hardly any chips for a longer time than your regular polish. As you all know, my hands are subjected to laundry, harsh chemicals, washing dishes, and all sorts of things that wreck havock to nail color. That's why sometimes, I only wear polish (especially dark ones) when I have events and I take them out the next day, when most of the time it starts chipping.

When my auntie arrived from the States, she gave me a pouch full of nail polish and among them I received two bottles of Xtreme wear. Last Friday, I used it for my manicure since I'll be going to an event that night and another one the following day so I needed something to withstand the test of hard work.

So here it is... my newly-manicured and shiny nails painted red (rarrr)

shiny, no chips, and fresh... just like a mani done well. The therapist actually didn't have a hard time with the polish as the consistensy was very manageable and the brush long and thin enough to get to the edges without straying from the nail.

7 days after washing dishes, doing laundry, washing brushes, typing, doing makeup, and all sorts of mechanical work... my polish looks like this:

Save for the nails starting to grow, it's still presentable. As of now, there's a tiny chip on my left middle finger, but it's not like other polishes that chip off quite easily. I told my aunt how long-lasting the polish was, for people like me with abused hands and totally subject to manual labor.

I plan to get this in more colors as soon as my stash runs out. :)

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