Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bright Colors at the MAC Counter

Fall colors are usually known to be either warm and rich like pumpkin pie and cinnamon toast or subdued and muted. MAC's Fall Colors, Wild Color is like an oxymoronic mix of spring during the fall - with a bang

"A wild, whimsical, & wonderful palette. Stars Small Eye Shadows, Pigment, MAC Artist Favorite Chromagraphic Pencil, and Lipstick."

I visited Avy on counter since she was guesting for the week and she showed me the bright and pretty lipsticks and pigments, some are from the collection, which she knows I'll like and some are from other collections too, that she'll know I like. As I held out my hand, she swatched several lippies and pigments in bright colors that say "Hello! I'm here!"

Avy swatched two matte pigments from the collection. The bright peachy orange one is Neo-Orange and the pink one is Magenta Madness. They're both matte powders. Matte powders can be used as eyeshadow or mixed with lipgloss for a sheer lip color. I remember the MAC powders were used in the America's Next Top Model photoshoot where powders were splashed on artistically on the model's face like this one shown:

Anyway, there's also a frosty green-gold color that's called Golden Olive (shown at the right, below), which can be used as an eyeshadow, tearduct highlight, or a fresh break of color from a very deep smoky eye. The pigment jar next to Golden Olive is Tan, I think, and this is part of the Midnight Blue Collection, which is also one of the fall collections of MAC.

The lipsticks aren't going to be subdued and I mean they are pops of color that's like colorful candy. Actually, lipsticks to me are like candy or snow ice to my toddler self.

The nude one is Fleshpot and the violet one is Violetta (if the color name is familiar, this was part of the Venomous Villains collection last year, hence a relaunch) and these are part of the Midnight Blue Collection. The Wild Color collection ones here are Show Orchid and Fusion Pink, which are two bright pinks but are both different since they're in opposite ends of the color spectrum. Show Orchid (another relaunch from the MAC Riveting collection last year) is a vivid hot pink that's got a cool bluish undertone. Fusion Pink is more of a bright corally pink, so it's warmer. Mentionables too in this collection but pictures I haven't taken are Neo-Orange (A bright and clean orange similar to Morange) and the famous bright in-your-face red lippie that's seen a million miles away - Ruby Woo.

Aside from the lipsticks and pigments, you guys should also check out the chromagraphic pencils which can be used on the eyes or lips, depending on how you want it. Eyeshadows are also super bright and pretty, and since I've been a MAC eyeshadow user for years, I can attest that this is just so awesome!!!!

Wearing bright colors can be fun. The easiest foolproof way is to use it on the lips and the rest would be effortless. For pretty eyes, it's nice to keep the lips simple though, but there can be a rulebreaker look that's also pretty. Just don't go overload with color pops so as not to look like a clown, like in the promo photo. It looks pretty on picture, funny on real life.

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