Sunday, July 25, 2010

Playing With My Brows By Making them Pink

Hello, my name is Bambi and I sported smoky eyes today. Oh yes, your eyes are not fooling you when there's a slight red tint on my brows. They're pink.

Here's a cam phone picture with flash to show that they are indeed pink. Nevermind the wide forehead and ghostly effect. The ghostly effect is due to Lightful's high SPF.

Browsing through face charts at the MAC website, I thought I'd have fun at the end of my shift with pink brows from the Lady Gaga face chart. Wearable-if-you dare is what I might call it. I used Pink Nouveau and Sushiflower to create the brow. Since I do not have blond eyebrows to begin with, you see a bit of my natural brow color through, but it's pink nevertheless.

To go with my pink brows, I opted for heavy smoky eyes, a combination of idol eyes, carbon, and black tied eyeshadows. My brow highlight was kept matte, so I chose brule. I intentionally skipped blush and contoured my cheeks with Dark MSF. Lips were a light pink. That's All Styled Up from MAC's In the Groove collection.

I call this my semi-avante garde look. :) As usual, my inspiration is always Lady Gaga whenever I go outlandish with my makeup.

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