Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Body Shop Makeup Contest: View From The Judges' Stand

When Billie sent me a message asking me if I could be part of the panel of judges to be judging The Body Shop's Makeup Competition, I was both nervous and excited that I was in a mass of nerves and excitedness mixed with high endorphin levels that I had to go back to my calm self in the cab. It was an opportunity of a lifetime that I couldn't miss. The Body Shop is a brand I practically grew up with. It started as a gift from my aunties and I still remember that I had a passionfruit-scented frosty purple lipstick by TBS when I was in high school. Aside from the awesome products, I love the fact that this is a brand that's earth-friendly. As a pro makeup artist, I keep The Body Shop products in my stash since I love to use makeup that's cruelty-free and has a big no-no to animal testing since this little duckie is an animal lover.

So here's the view from the judge's seat, while the event gets all warmed up.

Silly silly me. I was quite surprised that my bag was so light. When I was digging in when I got to Pan Pacific Manila, I then knew why - I forgot my camera at home!!!! errrrggghh! Good thing that I had my phone's camera function with me which worked quite well for me to get details right.

Another happy thing is I was able to see a familiar face in the event. Joining the judges' panel is one super-duper amazing makeup artist who I've known for since I started out with makeup... Cherry Pacheco. Isn't she pretty? I super love how she does her eyebrows too and how detailed she is with makeup and blending.

Another familiar face is fellow blogger Vince Golangco. He was there to host the event with his co-host Tracy. They're DJs on The Wake Up Show at Mellow 94.7. Oh and Vince, thank you so much for plugging my blog!

Each year, The Body Shop Philippines sends one in-store makeup artist to Singapore to compete for The Body Shop Regional Makeup Competition along with other artists from The Body Shop from all over Asia and Australia for the title. To know who'll be the lucky makeup artist to get sent to Singapore, The Body Shop holds this contest among their makeup artists and in this event, there are 8 finalists to vie for the title.

In this competition, it's not just makeup and go. Artists first had to execute their design on a smudge chart, and that smudge chart had to be judged as well. They were also judged on their makeup application, technique, and even their showmanship (i.e. overall appearance, posture, confidence, cleanliness, etc). We even had to do a Q&A portion to get to know them more.

The judges didn't just stay on the seats. We also went around to check on the contestants to see them at work up close.

Michael of TBS Festival Mall applies base makeup on Natasha. Base makeup is absolutely important, since the base provides the canvas for good makeup. Foundation and concealer have to be match the model's skin tone, and foundation had to look like second skin instead of a mass of powder slapped on. Brows are the hardest part in makeup, but they're very, very important to frame the face.

Makeup artists busy at work. :)

After base comes color, so the artists now create their edgy looks inspired by The Body Shop's spring collection Brush With Fashion (you could read my review on the collection here). Recalling Brush With Fashion as a very edgy collection with fresh and pretty colors mixed with smoky grays and matte blacks, we have more or less an idea on how the makeup could and should look, with a touch of their own.

After our own deliberation (a really hard one as they were all so good) we had to reach a decision. The artist who'll be sent to Singapore is none other than Via of The Body Shop Ermita. Yay!

Big congratulations too to the runners up Michael of TBS Festival Mall and Gil of TBS Ayala.

Congratulations to everyone! To our very happy winner, good luck, have fun, and be filled with happy vibes!

Going home with some more love. :)
That makeup pouch will be baptized this weekend during touch-ups for my debutante and bride. So much pro and organized to look at than fishing out makeup jiggling in the bag.

After the event, it was back to Makati for me, but before heading home, I stopped by The Body Shop to fill in on their classic skincare products which are a treat to my skin and the senses.
This is a different take to taking my vitamins. Vitamin E for the skin around my eyes so I'll always have bright, awake, and wrinkle-free eyes. Vitamin C for a burst of energy for tired skin.

Did anyone have fun there? I sure hope everyone did. Thank you The Body Shop Philippines too for this opportunity!

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Thank you so much Bambi!!! You were a great judge! :)