Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Happy Fancy Feast Cat-urday

So I had a wonderful Saturday last week or I should say CAT-urday because I got to spend the afternoon with kitties and cat parents and cat lovers as I attended Fancy Feast's Cat Crafternoon. This one has been my fourth time attending it and I love attending these events because it gives me time to bond with other cat people and learn better ways to take care of my furbabies.

For the past events that I have attended, I usually don't bring my cats. This time, I brought Burt, who loves Fancy Feast and would be much more well-adjusted and more social. My baby Burtie behaved so well and seems like he enjoyed the attention he got too.

I realize today that Burt is a big cat. Well, I guess it's all the love too we give him. I love the Japanese-style tea party setting where we sit on the floor with cushy throw pillows and get served tea and food. I probably wolfed down my food so I wasn't able to take photos.

The furbabies also got their food, Fancy Feast of course.

We were taught this time how to make accessories for our furbabies. The Toms would be dapper with bowties while the lovely queens would have rosettes.

We used a no-sew technique using craft glue. You can also sew them too, since it's more durable that way. It's also a great way to recycle fabric scraps. The bow is attached to their collar using a garter.   This one's for Burt. I'm making one for Candy when I get home. I put the bowtie on Burtie and he seems to like it though. My baby was so behaved the entire time, which gave me all the opportunity in the world for cuddles and hugs.

We also learned about basic first aid and cat grooming via Dr. Racky Velasquez of Mt. Sinai Vet Clinic. Dr. Racky also treated Burt before, when I had to bring him to the clinic when he was feeling lethargic.

I learned how to check for ear mites and clean cat's ears the right way as well as trim their nails. I give my cats a bath monthly (weekly or twice a month during summer or hot months) and I got good tips on how it would be a better experience for them.

Burt found a friend in Riley, who's the daughter of my pole friend Kiara.

He also seemed to be in deep conversation with this kitty.

We met this handsome cat named Boris, who's the furbaby of Candy's Tita Karen.

Cuddling up with mommy the whole time. Burt is such a sweet baby cat.

We also went home with Fancy Feast goodies and treats, which he would gladly share with his Kuya Candy

This was an awesome time to socialize Burt more and also get to know other cat people and share our stories. Learning to make cat furniture and cat toys would also save me money from buying expensive toys and also up my craft skills. I'm super happy I got invited to this Cat Crafternoon and I'm super looking forward to more Cat Crafternoons with my furbabies. Hopefully, next time I get to bring Candy too and have more of my cat mom friends join.

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