Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nail Test: Pole Dance. Challenge Accepted

Okay, so what was my first road test for the nail art using the new Max Factor nail polish? Hop over to the Polecats Studio for my pole workout. Yay pole!

The stag jade entails balancing, squeezing that darn pole with your hip and thighs and lots of control from the core so you don't topple over.

The upright ayesha or elbow hang has got me hanging by a thread, errr elbow I mean, with my tummy skin helping me stick and stay up there. When that elbow of mine gets stronger, I can hang by it for dear life solely.

There's this part in pole where you're focused on not falling in a trick or trying to hold that upside-down pose without dying or getting your faced smushed on the floor that you think you resemble a persian cat. You don't realize that your polish, that you thought was dry has actually got some tack in it so you're like, what are those fingerprints and skid marks when you look at your nails.

Thankfully, I had none after, and as I said, chipping started at day 3 (or was it 4) but it was so minute I hardly noticed it. The day before Stellar 3, you know what I'll be taking to the nail salon.

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