Monday, January 11, 2010

Review: MAC 129 Brush

Last Christmas, Santa fulfilled one of my wish lists that got scrapped off my must-have list since I already have it - A MAC full-sized brush. I'm happy to have had one more MAC full-sized brush, and something more dual-purpose.

MAC 129 brush, Php 2,050 at MAC counters.

I have a MAC 129 powder/blush brush. This brush is not only used to apply blush on the apples of the cheeks for a cheery pink glow but also powder foundation, loose powder, and highlight. This brush is made of natural hairs and the brush has a tapered and full, round head to get on those hard-to-reach areas. I prefer this size of brush too, for my powders since they get on the hard-to-reach areas like the undereye, sides of the nose, and ear areas more than a bigger and fluffier brush would do.

As a blush brush, this picks up pigment quite nicely and the blush results into a natural glow instead of a streaky and solid line of pink or red. It blends well and the super soft bristles do not hurt the facial skin.
It's also small enough to be used as a highlighter brush for a pop of glow on the skin. I use Mineralize Skinfinish powders to highlight the cheeks after a sweep of blush and blend these together.

As a warning though: when washing the brush, you might see some black on the water when you rinse it, even if you didn't use dark makeup that day. That's actually the dyes on the hair though. The hair was originally white but they decided to have it dyed for uniformity.

The full-sized one is definitely softer and rounder than the short-handled one, so quality-wise, this one is better than the short-handled one. To maintain its shape, I suggest keeping the plastic it comes with it and placing the brush inside the plastic guard so the bristles stay in shape. As with all brushes, maintenance and proper care is the key for making them last us a lifetime.

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