Friday, July 10, 2009

"Eye" Spy on Eye Creams

It's pretty funny, but uh-oh for me that I only got to start being OC about eye creams just now, when I'm older, but hey, at least time to start right? As I've read in countless magazines and beauty books, eye cream is a MUST especially for older girls like us. Teeners can get away without eye cream but once you hit your 20s, start getting eye cream.

Eye creams are like moisturizers, but they're formulated especially for the eye area. Now, why not use moisturizers formulated for the face for the eye area? The thing is, the skin around the eyes is actually thinner and more delicate than the rest of the face, hence, its needs are different. Eye cream can be used during the night and the day (the richer ones are better be used at night). Choose an eye cream that fits your needs, there are whole lot of ones in the market from soothing, to anti-ageing, to rich formulas for dry skin, and even ones to help reduce fine lines.


PAT, not rub. Rubbing causes wrinkles. Use a little amount and use the ring finger to lightly tap the product on the skin around the eyes. If you're going to be wearing makeup, allow the skin to absorb the eye cream for a few minutes before putting on makeup (Added tip: Eye cream also prevents makeup from becoming crepey).

I've gone through many eye creams, and even tried using good ol' Vaseline (a fave of Tyra Banks), but amongst the eye creams I've tried, these are what I would highly recommend:

1. Olay Regenerist Eye Cream - I've been a fan of Olay Regenerist after it did wonders to my skin and I got comments that I look 21 instead of my real age. Olay Regenerist eye cream is light enough to be used for day, even under heavy eye makeup. It's what I use for myself during shoots. It doesn't sting the eyes either.

2. MAC Fast Response Eye Cream - One of MAC's bestselling products in their skin care. This product has almost immediate results. It's one highly-recommended product to be used when a model or client hasn't had much sleep or has had a cryfest the night before. The texture is somewhat silicon-like so it can help hide fine lines. It's odorless and weightless too.

3. Obagi Eye Cream - odorless and colorless, this is a frills-free yet highly in-demand product (and also expensive as compared with other skin care). Obagi works quite well in caring for my eyes. I like that it's odorless, so I could wear it with me when I'm sensitive to scents and all. I currently alternate this with my Olay Regenerist Eye Cream, but I use this during the night, since the formula is richer. During the day, I apply only little amount and spread the product well so I don't get any excess "heavy" or "goopey" feel.

4. Shu Uemura Ace ß-G Reinforcing Eye Cream - Shu Uemura has impressed me with their skin care line to make me fall in love with them and buy a humongous cartful when I'm filthy rich and have nothing to do with my money. Now, I could purchase just a bit at a time first. This eye cream goes on really light instead of goopey and greasy and is packed with ingredients to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and all things that make our eyes look super haggard. I actually had someone try this for me and from the immediate result (a bit fresh around the eyes), it looks like a good product.

Any favorite eye creams out there? :)

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